Runtime Error 28 – How To Fix This Error On Your PC For Good

The “Runtime 28 Error: Out Of Stack Space” is a problem caused by a lack of memory & other resources inside Windows. Despite this error occurring whenever you try and run certain programs, the problem will likely be with the actual settings / options of Windows preventing your computer from being able to correctly load up the settings / options it requires to run. If you are seeing this error, it’s likely caused by the way in which your PC will have some sort of problem with the software you’re trying to use – leading the errors to show whenever you attempt to perform a certain task on your system.

To fix this problem, you need to be able to first fix any of the potential software errors causing a problem, and then use a registry repair tool to fix the errors your system may have. This error will generally show in this format:

  • Runtime Error 28 – Out of stack space

The “Stack Space” which the error cites is actually another term for a set of memory allocations on your PC. The memory of your computer is used to help Windows read all the files and settings it requires to run, and is used to help your computer & software run as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, the error you’re seeing generally means that the memory allocations on your system have been filled and are no longer available. The problem which causes this is mainly down to corruptions inside the software itself… but may have its causes in the likes of Windows & other software.

The way to fix Runtime Error 28 is to first ensure that all the software on your computer is working correctly. This can be done by re-installing the program that’s causing the errors through the “Add / Remove Programs” panel of Windows. By re-install the software causing the problems, you’ll basically be able to refresh all the files / settings which it has, allowing for any damaged parts to be fixed. This should resolve most instances of the runtime 28 error, but if you still the issue after doing that, you should look to update your PC to make sure that there are no known Windows bugs causing the issue.

After re-installing any erroneous software, you should then look to repair any registry errors that your computer may have inside the “registry”. The registry is a central database which stores all the settings and options that your computer & software uses to run. This is basically a big database which keeps everything from your desktop wallpaper to your most recent emails – allowing Windows to run extremely smoothly. Although the registry is highly important, it’s continually causing a large number of errors on your PC, and will be a big cause of the Runtime 28 error due to the registry files of your PC continually being damaged.