Ribbon Embellishments

From decorating a pillow to wrapping up a present, silk ribbon embroidery is extremely beautiful and easy to play with for hand-made projects. Ribbons are widely used to help people decorate or tie up creatively almost any type of hand-made project. But using ribbons to create for example a pompon bow or a ribbon rose used as a garment pin, takes practice and professional advice. So, the following simple tips can help you embellish your friend's next present, or surprise your dinner guests with your own ribbon-made Dior plate treatments.

To create any kind of bow, you will need some basic tools, such as scissors, a meter, a thin wooden stick, some glue tape and / or wire and of course your choice of ribbons. Sold in a variety of colors, designs and textures, you can find your selection of ribbons at your local fabric store. If you wish to make your own pompon bow, take a ribbon and form a 9 inches loop equal in size to the diameter of the finished bow. Wrap the remaining ribbon around the loop as many times as you desire for your bow. Then, flatten loops and cut off triangles at end, being careful not to cut too close to the center. By bringing ends together to meet in center you will then be left with two overlapping triangles. Secure the ribbon at the centered triangles with wire, tape or another piece of ribbon. Pull out loops, twisting them toward the center and alternating sides and you will end up with your pompon bow. In case a Dior bow sees more appropriate, cut your selection of ribbon or ribbons into 5 lengths, beginning with 5 inches and stopping at 22 inches. Then take each piece and form loops, overlapping at the center. Glue them in place, and then securely attach each loop with the next. Finally, wrap a smaller length around the center of your bow and glue it under the bow's visible surface. Your Dior bow can now embellish your hat, shoes, or handbag.

If you want to create your own beautiful ribbon pin rose you will need some wire and your choice of ribbons for the rose and its petals. Begin by making a knot at one end of a 22 inches ribbon length. At the opposite end of the ribbon, poke out wire from one side and loosely gather the ribbon along this wire down to the knot. Avoid pulling the ribbon hard, as it might snap. Continue gathering until the entire side is completely ruffled and it looks to curl naturally. Do not cut off the wire that appears at the end; leave for now free. Then, start forming a rose, by holding the knotted end in one hand and spiral the wired knotted ribbon with the other around the knot loosely. Continue rapping until it flares out and acquires an open rose effect. Then, fold the raw edge down to meet the collected one and secure the wrapping wire end around the knot tightly. Cut the free wire off and finally, adjust the petals as needed to create the desired effect. For a leaf, fold small pieces of ribbon diagonally to the center and then fold each side towards the center to form a point. Gather bottom end and wrap it with wire, securing it onto the rose base. Your hand-made rose will certainly attract your friends' attention.