Get Your Girl Back – There is No Time Limit on Love!

Do you still want your ex girlfriend back? First, trust me, you are not alone. Now, how long have you two been broken up? Has it been a month? 6 months? A year or more? Really, it doesn’t matter – and in some cases, the longer the better – really!

Several years ago, I dated this young woman for several months – probably the better part of a spring and summer. However, things did not work out. It was unfortunate, but I do not think that either of us were ready for a full-blown relationship. We both had some growing up to (me in particular, but I will get to that later) and she was a single mother or a young daughter who had more important issues to deal with, obviously.

It was hard, of course, and immediately, I wanted her back (as I think we all do right from the start), but, at the time, it was simply not meant to be.

We both moved on, and lost contact in a short while. She dated a number of guys, and I a number of girls – I even got engaged at one point. My engagement, however, ended a few months before this article was written.

Single again, I rediscovered her online – she still looked fantastic, and she was single as well.

We talked online and the phone for a while. You know how some people say that no matter how much time has passed, if things are truly meant to be, that you can almost pick up right where you left off, without missing a beat – because you and her are still the same people? Well, that is not what happened here.

In fact, what I discovered was that we were both entirely different people than when were together previously.

Just the other day we decided to meet up, and spend some time reconnecting. I went in with no preconceptions, and intended only to rediscover those things that I had always truly alluring about her, and find out whether she still carried a bit of attraction, or even love, for me.

It was clear within just a few minutes that we had both grown incredibly during the years apart. She commented numerous times how different I was, and how much stronger, and more confident of a man I had become – she said man (not guy, which was her favorite way of describing me previously).

I also noticed, and commented on, her having become a truly powerful woman, who was comfortable in her skin, and in the role she had set before herself during our time apart.

Our time apart and personal growth had allowed us to build ourselves into people who were more compatible and comfortable with each other.

The evening together was incredible – no awkward glances, or suspicious silences – there was something stronger between us than ever before. And I know it was the strength we had each discovered in ourselves that had built a stronger attraction and friendship than we had ever had before. Within only a few hours, I felt as though I knew her better than I had the entire time we had been together before.

I wish that I could say that we are completely back together and living happily ever after. In some ways we are (after just one night together), though we obviously have much more work to do if we decide that would like give us another chance, and build a strong, lasting relationship in the future. However, whether we do or not, after 4 years, it was incredible to know that we could still spark the same level of passion we had had previously in only a few hours with each other.

So, please take heart. If there is an ex girlfriend that you truly want back – no matter how long it has been since you dated, do not hesitate to take the plunge and see what exists. You may just find that who you two have become are better matches for each other than who you used to be, and that time together can be more passionate and fulfilling than ever before because of the time apart and your personal growth.