The Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Paris

Here is my list of the best Chocolatiers in Paris. I haven’t tried every one myself, but it is my mission to do so. Some of the recommendations are from my other chocoholic friends.

A la Petite Fabrique

In this boutique, where they actually make the chocolate, you can choose from some 40 different chocolates, including ganaches, giandujas, bouchées with liqueur, pralines or palet d’or variations. You’ll find chocolate bars that combine cocoa with more than 16 other flavors including the new fad, tea. They sell an excellent hot chocolate mix to take along home. The aroma of the chocolate is inducement enough to step inside and breathe deep! Tue-Sat 11am to 7:30pm 11th Arr. 12 rue St-Sabin Tel: 01 48 05 82 02 Metro: Bastille


Famous for their excellent hot chocolate, this centrally located tearoom on the Rue de Rivoli is a tourist hang-out. There is usually a line to get in. Its “Chocolat a l’Africain,” is a creamy and rich hot drink is so decadent that you will want to take home a box or two of their hot-chocolate mix. 1st Arr. 226, rue de Rivoli Tel. (01), Metro: Tuileries


Madame Tissier offers chocolate lovers creations that are associated with certain holidays. She offers very creative chocolates… African masks, and special toy-shaped chocolates for kids. A favorite of Patricia Wells who recommends it in her book A Food-Lovers Guide to Paris. Tue-Sat 10am to 7:30pm 6th Arr. 39 rue du Cherche-Midi Tel: 01 42 22 49 99 Metro: Sèvres-Babylone

Christian Constant

In this chocolate shop and tearoom on a residential street near the Luxembourg Gardens, Mr. Constant’s sophisticated chocolates are made with exotic ingredients like ylang-ylang, rose, lavendar and orange water. He is also famous for his tea-infused chocolates, some using Ceylon tea and green tea perfumed with Yemen Jasmine. 6th Arr. 37, rue d’Assas Tel. (01) Metro: Rennes, St.-Placide. Mon-Sat 10am to 7pm 1st Arr. 201 rue St-Honoré Tel: 01 42 44 11 66 Metro: Tuileries

Debauve and Gallais

For years travelers have flocked to the legendary Debauve & Gallais store on Paris’ Left Bank, filling suitcases with the very best of chocolates. Appointed the official chocolatier to the French court, Debauve & Gallais has since built a following among chocoholics, gourmands, and connoisseurs all over the world. The American website gives you a sample of what awaits in Paris. 7th Arr 30, rue des Saints-Pères

Jean-Paul Hivin

Impeccable chocolates and pastries with packaging in gold and blue. Jean-Paul Hivin also has a delightful tearoom offering salads and sandwiches in a calm setting with Roman-arched windows and wood-paneled walls. The “Longchamp,” is their signature pastry made with chocolate praline, hazelnut biscuit, meringue, chocolate and almonds. Click on the website for other locations. 1st Arr. 231, rue St.-Honoré Tel. (01) Metro: Concorde, Opera, Tuileries.

La Maison du Chocolat

Founded in 1977 by Robert Linxe, La Maison du Chocolat has expanded to from Tokyo to New York City. The classic hand crafted chocolates are known for their silky-smooth fillings. Try the chocolate bonbons flavored with such interesting ingredients as raspberry, fennel, lemon or thyme. The philosophy of “chocolat without bitterness” has led to the use of only the best cocoa beans and only cocoa butter in the production of the chocolat delicacies. Click on the website to find other locations as well. 9th Arr. 8, boulevard de la Madeleine Tel. 01 Metro: Madeleine

Michel Chaudun

In this charming shop filled with antique chocolate molds and chocolate-related objects, Mr. Chaudun, a former employee of La Maison du Chocolate, offers superb chocolates with an artisanal bent. He incorporates tiny fragments of toasted, crushed cocoa beans into his chocolate and creates beautiful ganaches such as his ginger ganache infused with tiny grains of candied ginger. Tue-Sat 9:45am to noon & 1-7:30pm 7th Arr. 149, rue de l’Université Tel. (01) Metro: Invalides, La Tour Maubourg


Founded in the small village of Puyricard in the South of France, this chocolatier has been established in Paris for at least 20 years. There are shops throughout France and two in Paris. The shops are decorated with Provençal furnishings reminding you of its origins. There you’ll find a wide range of different candies including ganaches, caramels, and filled chocolates with mocha, marzipan, figs, and more, as well as pralines. They also carry the authentic calissons from Aix. Mon 2-7pm, Tue-Sat 10am to 7pm 7th Arr. 27 avenue Rapp Metro: Pont de l’Alma Tel: 01 47 05 59 47 Also: 6th Arr. 106 rue du Cherche-Midi Tel: 01 42 84 20 25