Famous Pearl Discovery in History

Throughout history there have been many famous pearls.

The Abernethy pearl is one of the best known of these famous pearls that stand out from the millions of other world wide. It was named after it’s discoverer, William Abernethy, who found it in the River Tay in 1967.

With it’s light pink color it has a diameter of an astounding 2200mm, and is nicknamed “Little Willie”, ironically the “Little” is because of it’s large size, while “Willie” is, once again, after it’s famous discoverer.

The Aphrodite Pin is another such world renowned object containing pearls. It is a shining example when it comes to showing how far back people have valued pearls. The Aphrodite Pin is from the sanctuary of Aphrodite in Cyprus and it is thought to date back as far as 300 BC. It contains pearls of two different origins – a larger salt water pearl and a smaller salt water pearl. It can be seen by visiting the British Museum, and is a very impressive piece of pearl Jewellery.

Although it has never been proven it is widely believed that Cleopatra’s Pearl was ground up by Cleopatra took one of her pearly earrings and ground it up, drinking it to win a bet put to her by Marc Antony. Allegedly the pearl earrings now useless partner was cut down the middle and made into two new earrings that now adorn the statue of Venus, located in the Pantheon in Rome.

Pearls will always enjoy a certain mystique thanks to their fame both past and present, but as they are still affordable for the average person they can still find a home around the neck of the modern, middle class woman as well as those who are more at home in higher society.