Why My Pearl Jewelry, No Better Than Others?

We all know in real estate, location, location and location is the sole 'mantra' when it comes to value of any property. Same goes with the pearl jewelry enclosed all other gems, quality, quality and quality. For $ 10 we all know one can never buy $ 1000 pearl necklace. But price alone is not the sole factor here. Value of any pearl is process of evaluating various aspects, which are: First of all, all the pearls available and sold in the market today are all cultured pearls and natural pearls are rarity. These cultured pearls come with different names such as Fresh Water pearls, Sea water Akoya pearls, South sea pearls and Tahitian pearls. They all come in different sizes, shapes and colors. There are SIX factors that determine the value of pearls: Pearl luster : It describes the shininess in a pearl and is a combination of surface brilliance and inner glow. A very good luster means it has a higher pearl value.

Pearl Nacre : The iridescent inner layer of a mollusk shell. It is a natural substance oyster secretes to protect its sensitive flesh. The thin nacre is very much to peeling and chipping whereas thicker layer commands more value because of its greater luster depth. Pearl Surface : If outer surface is very clean and have very few blemishes such pearls carry higher value. Higher quality of pearls have mirror like finish and without any blemishes on its surface. Pearl Size : Pearls are commonly measured in millimeters (mm) in their diameter. Large size pearls carry higher prices. Even 1 mm makes the difference. The average most sold pearls today are between 6.5mm and 7.5mm and are preferred choice of many young women. Depending upon age and taste many go for higher sizes. Pearl Color: Surface color or body color. Most irradiated or dyed pearls have surface colors. The natural pearl colors are white, black, champagne, green, gray, aqua and gold. Again within each category there are common overtones. White with rose overtones look great especially on fair skin and the cream or the golden overtones look fabulous on darker complexions. Most important is, it's woman's own taste and preference. Pearl Shape : The perfect round shape always have higher pearl values ​​but near round or off round are very much common, great in demand and sold everyday. There are other shapes too like potato shapes, drop tear shapes, pear shapes and irregular baroque shape pearls also and are being commonly used by jewelers and designers alike.