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عربه صالون الشعر صيحات رائجة من 2021 في مع عربه صالون الشعر وعربه صالون الشعر. اكتشف أكثر من 0 من أفضل عربه صالون الشعر لدينا على، بما في ذلك عربه صالون الشعر من العلامات التجارية الأفضل مبيعًا. تسوق 25 من المنتجات عربه صالون الشعر الأكثر رواجًا والأفضل قيمة لدينا.

Search challenge
Major part of corporate information on the enterprise intranet is structured in form of files, databases, archives, etc. Information is contained in different formats and different systems and also differs in the level of access to it. Such a diverse and ever increasing data flow needs filtering and convenient structuring. One of the key stages of complex process of forming information base is fast search for relevant documents. The existing commercially recognized full text search systems do not solve this problem to the full degree. If the search speed is acceptable, then the quality leaves much to be desired. If the search is accurate and adequate, then it usually consumes much time and machine resources, as processing phrasal queries with thousands of unique words, tilling through dozens of gigabytes of incoming correspondence, technical documentation, reports and other information requiring a lot of resources.

SoftInform Search Technology
The answer to this challenge is the unique SoftInform technology of search for documents similar in their content to the query text. SoftInform Search Technology is based on the mathematical model of analyzing the document structure and selecting similar words, word combinations, sentences and text arrays. This full text search technology is also protected by a valid Eurasian patent. SoftInform technology distinguishing feature is fast speed of query processing, which enables retrieving the necessary documents within seconds from any amount of unstructured data.

High indexing speed (up to 30 GB / h), compact index (15-20% from the actual size of text information), support of practically all popular text file formats (including .pdf and .html) and accurate work with archives make SearchInform an irreplaceable information retrieval tool.
Enterprise-wide full text search solution on the basis of SoftInform Search Technology will be highly beneficial in any knowledge base, analytical service or large company support firm. Universality and effectiveness of the SoftInform full text search technology enable solving a wide spectrum of information processing problems such as information fuzziness (guarding against entering duplicate documents into databases), document similarity analysis (report on similar documents in the database) and fast search for thematically similar files (which ensures more accurate similar results than custom phraseal search and saves time spent on word the query and viewing irrelevant documents).

SoftInform company offers multiple versions of software full text search applications on the basis of SoftInform Search Technology, such as home user and small office solution SoftInform Desktop Edition, as well as two versions for corporate clients SoftInform Corporate Edition and SoftInform Corporate Edition Pro. The difference between them is price and functionality.

SearchInform Corporate Edition is the network version of the full text search application SearchInform mean for small and medium business. It combines all the tools necessary for structuring the information scattered on the LAN, and creating the holistic system of fast full text search and further document processing.
SearchInform Corporate Edition functionality:

– indexing information on the LAN, creating and using network standards;

– fast and accurate full text search for documents of any formats (txt, doc, rtf, pdf, htm, html);

– unique similar search technology;

– mounting various data sources (files on hard drive, databases, email messages);

– flexible integration into the existing information systems;

– 3-level control over user access to information (to indices, to data sources, to indexed files);

– saving time on searching for documents and solving the problem of information fuzziness.

Release of SearchInform search engine is not just another event in the company record of service, which dates back to 1995 when the "Legal Database" information system was developed. The unique search technology, in particular the patented similarity search, opens up new opportunities in data processing and perspectives of creating various systems on the basis of this technology. Document management systems, integration into DBMS and archive systems, deploying various intellectual Internet solutions and search engines become possible on the basis of the unique search technology, – said the SoftInform company CEO Leo Matveev.

SearchInform is your power over information.
It's your opportunity to act while others are still searching.

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