Driver Vs Passenger

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Either you have a driver’s license for 2 months or 20 years, the day you start driving your own car you start developing small little corks and tics. As in any other activity you sustain you’ll build up a ritual as to driving your car.

Starting from the way you enter your car, the order in which you start the engine, set up the mirrors, lover the windows, strap your seat-belt on or not, turn on the head-lights going all the way to the speed consider to be legal in town and outside town, without knowing it you’ll develop, let’s call it, your own driving style.

However there comes a point in any car owner’s driving career that he will be accompanied by someone else in the car. Having someone else in the car with you can turn out to be a load of trouble, either that other person is a driver or not. Going out for a ride may turn out not to be as recreational as it’s thought to be.

It is virtually impossible to please everyone who will accompany you for a ride, to keep up with all the driving rules and regulations, and it is pointless to seek or demand perfection as it does not exist. Usually it’s either it’s your wife or your mother who no matter what you do will state out loud that you are driving too fast, either it’s your best friend or your father who feel free to teach you a bit more about driving from their own experience or the “best-case scenario” a work colleague or an acquaintance to question the way you shift gears, the route you took on the way to work, the choice for the oil you use. You needed have to explain why it is that you like to set up your mirrors before you put your seat belt on or why you turn on the headlights before starting the engine, or why your radio is playing Placido Domingo.

In any of these cases feel free to break it down from the start: you are the driver and at the point when they’re not behind the wheel they are just passengers. And, if possible, try to remember that rule for yourself when riding in another driver’s car.

When all else fails feel free to place a sticker in front of them: “No talking to the driver!”.