The Future of Online Marketing

"The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over, and expecting different results" – Albert Einstein

Let's face it. The methods by which consumers are absorbing information – and the ways we perceive, retain and engage with brands and brand messages – have changed strongly.

Magazines, radio broadcasters and television networks, are losing advertising to the Web. With television networks, the growing problem is that digital television is bringing on the rise of video-on-demand, video downloads, interactive game networks, Internet TV and other consumer and revenue stealing enterprises. Radio broadcasters are losing listeners, talent and revenues to iPod playlists and satellite upstarts.

Because enough consumers spend a lot of time accessing information and entertainment through digital media – cable TV, mobile phones, video games and the Internet – the overall pattern of media use has shifted.

Which means that these can be wonderful times for Internet Marketers who recognize the trends and are capable of change.

Using different media to create more meaning to, and develop deeper connections with your customer, should be one of the things at the top of your marketing checklist.

One sure method of developing a deeper connection with your customer is to simply add video to your website. People will be more open to your offers if they can see and hear you. You are able to convey a deaf sense of emotion in your messages by the use of facial expressions and in your tone of voice, thereby deepening the connection between you and your audience.

Another quick and easy method is to add a podcast or online radio broadcast to your website that will be of interest to your target market. There are hundreds of sites online with free information, videos, training and tutorials on podcasting and adding audio and video to your website, with more and more coming online everyday.

There now also seems to be a new "Prime Time" – 9am – 5pm. Why? Simply because more people have access to computers during those hours. A recent survey conducted by Internet Retailer Magazine (, indicated that more and more people are using their lunch breaks to shop online.

Mobile devices such as cell phones and iPods will create additional means of reaching customers outside of their homes.

Adults and children alike are broadcasting podcasts, playlists, online periodicicals, even original music recordings and films, and according to Strategy + Business Magazine, over 8 million Americans keep their own blogs. The social networking Web site MySpace, on which men, women and children post about themselves and their interests, has more than 50 million registered users and was adding 4 million new users a month at the end of last year. The shopping site eBay has 79 million registered users. And YouTube, a site launched in February 2005 for member-uploaded video clips, already streams more video than Google or Yahoo.

With so many people now connecting to the media in so many different ways, the possibilities and opportunities for today's advertisers are endless. What we are now witnessing, is the Most Significant transformation of the marketing profession in more than 50 years.

By embacing and utilizing the many different advertising channels afforded us by this new digital media, and injecting into this mold our own individual savvy and creativity, today's Internet Marketer can continue to be successful well into the next millennia.