Targeted Article Marketing – Uncover 4 Simple Methods to Grow Your Article Marketing

Article marketing is undetected the best traffic generation strategy in the internet today that can bring you traffic traffic, improved sales potential, strong online presence, and higher page ranking. In addition, it is also the best method if you are aiming at getting more and more traffic in the long run. How? Once you submit article to publishing sites, it lasts for a long period of time. And since each submission grants you one quality inbound link, imagine how much links you can accumulate within a year of constant submission.

Here are the 4 simple methods to grow your article marketing:

1. More articles equal to more traffic. If you would like to excel in this field, you must be motivated enough to write 5-10 articles per day. Just remember, the more effort you exerted on this technique, the more traffic will be diverted to your website.

2. Use different landing pages for your resource box links. You can drive your readers to your home page or to particular page on your website where they can directly find the information that you are placing on your articles.

3. Use appropriate keyword tags for your articles. This will help your copies find well on search page results when interested online users searched for your keywords or keyphrases.

4. Stick to "top 10" format. If you are trying to increase the number of your articles so you can better augment your traffic, pick the "top 10 format". These type of articles are easy to write as you will only need to write brief introduction and list the ideas that you have on mind. Also, since these types of articles appeal to great number of online users, you can be assured of higher clickthrough rate.