Would You Like To Work In Your PJs?



Sure, who does not? A ton of people these days are fed up with the demand of the workplace, and the commute to get there. More and more people are trying to stay at home and find something that works for them to earn enough money so they can stay at home and do not have to go out in the workplace – permanently.

Well, that's well and good and say you do find something that brings in enough money to cut your nut. How do you stay focused and utilize your time to best to accomplish the tasks you must finish to carry out your new job? Time is of the essence. Your time is precious and you can not allow distractions to keep you from finishing the myriad of steps it takes to keep a home based business operating.

When you were in the workplace your time was dictated to you by your boss or supervisor and so you knew what you had to do and about how much time it took to get it done. Also, the workplace was designed so that you COULD get your work down. Time is money and no company wants to see you so distracted that you can not get that work done.

It's a whole lot different when you're your own boss and you're trying to earn a living from home ..

You know your neighbors, friends, spouse will be a big problem for you to stay focused if they're constantly visiting or disturbing you. Once they know you're home all the time they'll want to share your time – time that you can not afford to give them. So what do you do?

You're going to hate to have to tell them to stay away that this is now your full time job and you have to devote a certain amount of that time to doing that job. So how do you avoid all those pesky time killing disturbances?

Have you ever sat down to work on something but never accomplish anything, due to something bright and shiny that tend scuttle your ideas and schedule? This can happen so easily if you do not know how to block out as many distractions as possible before you even start working.

Here are some ideas for eliminating these time robbing distractions:

  • Shut off your phone. If you find you can not do it ask your wife or a trusted friend to hold on to your phone for you for the few hours you need to focus and not be interrupted.
  • Do not go into your computer and check emails (one of my worst problems that I had to overcome). It's amazing how much time goes by while you're busy checking your emails.
  • Tell your wife / girlfriend, kids that you need some uninterruptible time. (My problem is that I had small children that just did not understand this, so it was tough to do … but you need to do it). I actually had to go to Starbucks with my laptop in certain instances where I just could not get the peace and quiet I needed.

OK, now that you've gotten those pesky distractions away from you, it's time to get down to some serious work ….

There is a whole course of study that outlines some pretty unique ways to ramp up your productivity if you are interested in learning more on how to really turn up the burner and have your time running the way you want it so that you get all your chores done on time and with the least amount of wasted time.