Old T-Shirts and New Quilts

Perhaps you are familiar with this scenario: your favorite t-shirts just seem to add up over the years but it is hard to part with them because of all the memories that you have attached to them. You wouldn’t dream of ever wearing them again, but you just can’t part with them either, sometimes you can’t even fit into them again if you wanted to!

Many people would love to have their entire collection of favorite old and new t-shirts transformed into a practical warm cozy quilt, blanket, pillowcase, or more. Why not have them bring the t-shirts to you and pay you up to $125 and more to transform them into something more practical for them?

Since these shirts can be prized possessions, you will need to carefully handle them and keep all of them together, returning any that may not be used in the project. Find out which of the t-shirts are their most important, so that you can make sure that they are incorporated in the project first.

If you enjoy sewing, this should be an easy and fun project to offer others that don’t sew. It is not a complicated project, as long as you are careful and plan the projects well. You will want to make sure that all of your seams are sturdy, since t-shirt material does stretch and can fray. The more professional the finished article, the more money you can ask for to put it together for them.

There are several ways to market your services to the public. You might first make one or two for yourself, so that you can have examples to show to others that you may know that could be interested in your services. Take pictures of your final projects and check with friends and neighbors to see if they would be interested in your service. Advertise your services in your local newspapers and publications.

Local sewing and craft shops may let you leave small flyers with them also, so it is worth checking with them. You might also offer to teach classes in these types of stores and craft stores to show others how to make these practical projects.

This is an unusual service but once you get the word out you may be pleasantly surprised at how many people would like to have you make items for them. You also have the option of offering your services from a web site store too. Try to come up with a memorable name for your store and offer to sell some items that you can make from old t-shirts you find, in used clothing stores and clearance sales in chain stores. Offer these items on your site and offer to make personal items for your customers!