Cleartrip Bags Best Travel Website Award

صور رسومات طبيعية بأفضل قيمة – صفقات رائعة على صور رسومات طبيعية من صور رسومات طبيعية بائع عالمي ...
صور رسومات طبيعية صيحات رائجة من 2021 في مع صور رسومات طبيعية وصور رسومات طبيعية. اكتشف أكثر من 0 من أفضل صور رسومات طبيعية لدينا على، بما في ذلك صور رسومات طبيعية من العلامات التجارية الأفضل مبيعًا. تسوق 25 من المنتجات صور رسومات طبيعية الأكثر رواجًا والأفضل قيمة لدينا.

Cleartrip India's second largest and fastest growing travel portal has been conferred the Best Travel Website Award in the online travel space by PC World, India's leading technology magazine. The determining parameters across different segments were use of technology to deliver solutions; presentation of information in an intuitive and concise manner and design to aid the overall experience. The rewards recognize the best websites across 20 leading categories such as e-mail, jobs, news, shopping and travel, making it the most comprehensive Indian effort of its kind.

An ecstatic Sandeep Murthy, CEO, Cleartrip said, "We at Cleartrip are elated to receive an honor of this nature conferred on us within a year of launch." Cleartrip is built on the promise of making travel simple and technology. of our business model. Technology is a key business enabler and a point of differentiation for Cleartrip. Cleartrip will continue to evolve as a technology leader in the online travel space by following two distinct approaches to technology deployment – speed by simplicity and speed by flexibility. "

In its very first year, the PC World Web Awards focuses on 20 prominent categories – products and services that are most useful in the here and now and are not based on fancy future roadmaps. The 126 nominees that the tech magazine evaluated represented the best-known names as well as some not-so-famous-yet sites that the panel of experts believed would do justice to their mission.

According to the magazine, the rewards aim was to capture the framework and user understanding that the site has embodied in its design and deployment of technology rather than to its specific content, something that changes very dynamically and potentially impossible to judge objectively.