7 Reasons Why I Love My Netbook

Netbooks are awesome little devices and they come real handy when your work involves you moving around town. Even if you do not do that often, but want something that you can pass time with while waiting for the doctor or your order to arrive in a restaurant you'll still make good use of one. Here is my list of reasons I'd never get rid of my netbook for.

I just love my netbook and not because it was cheap, that was just a result of components used and fairly low overall performance. It allows me to do things I thought were not possible or did not even occur to me when I had a much bulkier Fujitsu Siemens pi3540. Just look it up, 7.4 pounds, imagine carrying that around.

1. It's small. It's not just small but tiny to the extent where it's not even viewed a full size computer anymore. It almost fits the pockets of one of my jeans, and it quickly disappears in the 15.6 "pouch I have in my backpack.

2. It works for a long-long time on a single charge. How comfortable is that? I just throw it on charger when I go to sleep, or in the morning if I forget it and it's fully charged when I'm heading to work.

3. Accessories are cheap. Everything it's missing by factory default can be had for peas. An external optical drive costs $ 40, a pendrive comes for $ 20 and I got a sleeve for $ 10 off Amazon. Everything is small everything is cheap.

4. It's put together. I do not have much personal experience with other models on the long run, but I can say with confidence that this Asus 1005HA is built for longevity. I do not throw it around or anything like that, but it's had about 2300 hours of use put into it and there is no sign of deterioration other than some wear on the keys.

5. Keys. They're awesome. I thought I'll have problems with typing because I have average male size hands. Good news, this is of no concern with this particular model, others I tried were not as promising but whatever works for you.

6. I can use it on public transportation. I know I already mentioned that it's small but think about it on a different level. Imagine a laptop that truly fits your lap without stretching over it anywhere. I do not think I could work using a full size notebook on a bus.

7. I know I said I do not love it because it's cheap. Actually I do. Can you get a better computer for portable use for $ 300 brand new? Probably a refurbished one, but I'm not completely sure about that.