Considering Beauty School? Read This!

Have you ever watched your hair stylist, manicurist, or facial specialist and wonderred how she came to be what she is? Is that something that you can just fill out an application for with no experience? Or do you need to start somewhere else?

It is not as easy as just walking into a salon and filling out an application! Most states require all cosmetologists to be licensed, and many salons and spas require that you pass their own standards and have a style that works with their own. Like many other career paths, cosmetologists (which is a broad term that includes makeup artists, hair stylists, hair colorists, skin care specialists, manicurists, and others) must attend beauty school (also known as cosmetology school) in order to not just learn and master their trade of choice, but also learn and pass rigorous classes and testing on infection control and sanitation, as well as good business practices and the overall appearance of yourself and your own salon, if you have plans to open one.

What is easy, however, is making a career change or choice for the art of cosmetology. Whether you are a recent high school graduate or middle-aged and desiring a change of pace, beauty school is a simple, desirable career path. Since the duration of the entire schooling process is much shorter than four or even two year college degrees, beauty school is a reliably quick, easy way to obtain a degree. And if you decide you thoroughly enjoy it, you can extend your education and become certified in several different specialties. Achieving this will make you a master cosmetologist of sorts and highly desirable in the work. Furthermore, while no type of schooling is cheap, cosmetology school is not as much of a drain on the finances as standard college degrees are.

If you are still undecided, then also consider these points. Obtaining a cosmetology certificate provides you with a very flexible, creative choice of career. Once you have this certificate, then the (beauty) world is your oyster! Sinceremore, since beauty schools recognize that they cater to women of all ages and life stages, the classes are offered at a variety of different times and days. Need to attend school while your kids are in late morning preschool? How about after your 9-5 job? Or on the weekends only? All of these times, and more, are do-able. In the end, if you decide that cosmetology is not the career path for you, then your schooling will not be a waste of time, for you will have learned far more than cosmetology techniques-you will also have learned life skills!