3 Effective Tools on How to Use the Power of Inner Beauty to Enhance Outer Appearance

Do you feel insecure about your looks? Do you feel confused or hopeless? Would you like to feel empowered and look your best?

Sometimes we get so caught up on the outer that we forget about the inner. The inner is where the power is. You can change your inner to enhance your outer appearance, to look younger and better and feel happy and authentic.

Here you will find three tools to tap into the power of inner beauty qi so you can look better and younger.

1: Acceptance

When you accept beauty, your beauty qi (vibration) is happy and harmonious. Qi is a Chinese word for 'Vibration' and is pronounced 'chi' as in 'chic'. You need to be in harmony with a thing to have it. If you ever desire to be beautiful, then that desire is a part of you. If you ever feel self-conscious about your looks, then beauty is a part of you in disguise. All strong emotions about your looks are ways of your soul seeking your connection to truth, to tell you either you are in or out of beauty vibrations. Be clear about the difference between hope and acceptance. While hoping is a positive thing that gives you hope, acceptance means an unwritten agreement between you and your soul or your subconscious mind that you truly are beautiful. Acceptance can be as easy as seeing your favorite color. A client once shared with me that for the first time in her life she could accept that beauty was a part of her and she felt more authentic because of the acceptance. So try it for yourself. Notice how you feel when you decide to have acceptance.

2: Be Willing to Change Old Beliefs

Most people have old limiting beliefs about their looks. These beliefs do not build your beauty qi. As long as you are willing to change, no matter how entrenched they are, your old beliefs can be lifted and new beliefs be learned. When you are willing, your beauty qi begins to get strong. A lady bought me out after reading an article I wrote on the power of rejuvenation with mind techniques. All of her life she felt ugly and self-conscious about her appearance. We worked together to help her change her beliefs that were deeply entrenched in her mind. Week by week she worked diligently with new techniques, beliefs and habits. There were times when her old fears confronted her and made her feel doubtful. Because she was willing to change, she chose to continue to work on her new beliefs. She began to see that it was a voyage of self-discovery. After 10 weeks, she began to look and walk differently. Her inner confidence and elegance came out of her more and more. She began to notice how people responded to her differently and she felt wonderful about it. Now with the same willing mind, she continues to put time into affirming new thoughts, beliefs and establishing new routines. She is reflecting her inner truth more with each passing day.

3: Listen With a Smile

What does your face look like when you listened to your friends' problems? Emotions play an important role in your own wellbeing and other people's as well. When your emotions are happy and harmonious, your beauty qi is strong. your cells are happy and harmonious and your vibrations are higher. When your emotions are negative, your vibrations are lowered. One of my workshop participants once shared something with me that I found enlightening. One of her friends has an uplifting presence. Her friend is not loud or boisterous, but she is warm and harmonious. One thing in particular is the way her friend would listen to her problems. 'She listens with a smile,' the participant said to me, 'Even if she does not offer to do anything or say much, her smile makes me feel better. If she listens with a worrying face, I would probably feel even more worried. ' Most of us are in the habit of worrying with our friends when we listen to their problems. But it appears that when you listen to other people's problems with a smile, you can keep your own emotions positive and uplift others as well. This may not be an automatic thing to do, but it is a worthy habit to establish. Smiling when we communicate is an expression of inner beauty.

There you have it, the three simple tips that give you true power. Think about them often and you can change any limiting beliefs you have about yourself and appearance. You can feel empowered and look your best.