Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party Ideas


With Beauty and the Beast being a most loved Disney movie, incorporating this theme into your child's birthday party will be just as memorable as the story. There are many fun decorating tips and game ideas that you can use, along with these Beauty and the Beast birthday party ideas to create magical moments.

A Puppet Show
Every child loves puppets so why do not have the children create their very own Beauty and the Beast puppets? There are many characters in this movie such as Belle, Beast, Gaston, Lumiere, Mrs. Pots, Chip, and the list goes on! Select a few characters and a line that the character spoke within the movie and write them each down on a separate piece of paper for each character. Fold them up and place them in a bowl or box. Depending on how many children will be attending you can do this in groups or individually. Have them pick from a bowl or box, which character they should make. Gather some art supplies and little brown paper bags, and let them make the character that was assigned to them. Once everyone is done, the crowd will need to guess the character by the puppet that was created and the line that the child will recite. Do not forget the marks, crayons, colored pencils, and any other art supplies that can help them make their character.

Food Fight
Everyone remembers the memorable scene where the spoons are dancing, characters are singing, raining salt, dancing of the cakes and all the chaos going on! This activity may not be for everyone, but it sure would make a good time even better. If you're having an outdoor birthday party, divide the groups, and have them sit at two different tables. Buy 2 Beauty and the Beast dolls, one Belle and one Beast, and keep them in the box, one on each table. Make some fun, soft, cheap foods such as Jello squares and have each team hit the opposing teams target doll. Play the song "Be Our Guest" and once the song has ended, whiche doll is most covered in Jello, wins! Be sure to set rules so no one gets hurt of course!

Creating the Castle
You can also make the scene of the party appear to be a castle to really capture the mood of Beauty and the Beast. Do this by adding yellow streamers, a single red rose in a vase where the birthday girl will sit, and, you can place big red bows on the back of the chairs. Do not forget to decorate the curtains, illuminate the room with battery powered candles, a red walkway into the room, and of course castle d├ęcor that resembles castles walls. These are cheap, made of plastic, easy to put up and easily removable.

These are just a few party ideas that will bring together a memorable Beauty and the Beast birthday party! A puppet show, food fight, a birthday, all within castle wall's! What could be more fun?