What Will Embroidered Polo Shirts Mean For Your Company?

If you want your staff to look smart and give the impression of your company and all it stands for then you might want to think about introducing embroidered polo shirts to your staff.

Here's what you need to consider.

1. For many people, strictly speaking, a suit and tie is not necessary. Maybe your staff are office based, but are not seeing customers or clients all the time or they do not get to meetings very often. Why not let them wear polo shirts with your company details on, so that they still look smart, but are not wearing a suit and tie?

2. You'll want to get as much advertising for your company as possible, and so why not make sure that as many people can see your brand and website address as possible? All your engineers, drivers, warehouse staff, sales team and manufacturing staff will walk past people, or drive past people, and go into shops and other places, and so your brand will be exposed to many people. Why would not you want free advertising?

3. You'll need your staff to have a professional look at all times. If you're fed up with them wearing dirty and old T shirts, or paint splattered clothing, then why not suggest that they might like embroidered polo shirts instead?

4. Wearing company branded clothing will be reassuring for your for customers. Perhaps your workers install washing machines or kitchens, or maybe are only needed when something goes wrong, then looking the part will be important.

5. You'll want all of your staff to look the same and be easily identifiable, especially in a retail environment. Customers will be able to find your staff and get the help they need quickly, and without embarrassing themselves or other shoppers.

6. It might be that shirt and tie is not safe in your working environment. By wearing an embroidered polo shirt, your staff have no chance of their ties getting used in machinery, whether they work in a bike shop, a computer repair shop or a factory or farm.

7. Maybe your staff need durable and long lasting clothing for the job they do, and a work shirt just is not right. If your staff are lifting, or driving, or painting and decorating, then sometimes polo shirts and other work clothing will be better.

8. It's essential that your staff are comfortable in their clothing, so that they can work well. You would not expect an electrician to have to wear a suit, so if embroidered polo shirts would be better for your staff, then why not introduce them?

9. Having different colored embroidered polo shirts may be extremely beneficial for your company and staff. Maybe staff in different departments will wear different colored polo shirts, or more senior members of staff will wear a different color. What about in a warehouse, or factory environment? It will be much easier to identify staff or find who and what you're looking for, if you know what color polo shirt they're wearing.

10. It's essential that you get value for money from your embroidered polo shirts, and so you can not buy on price alone. You'll want to choose a company that can supply durable, well fitting polo shirts with your logo on, and in the colors you want. The cheapest embroidered polo shirts might not be the best value.

Now you know what to look for, what will embodied polo shirts mean for your and your staff?