The Cone Collar For Dogs

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A great deal of time is spent on people trying to find dog supplies online with varying success. It has been discussed previously as to things to look for when doing your dog supply search. Things like quality over price that sort of thing. This will again be discussed in the future for an array of topics but today we’re going to focus on dog supplies that come into play when your dog returns from the vet.

Yes, I’m sure you’ve had to deal with it before. In most cases its when your dog has gone through that period where the vet recommends, as proceeds to accomplish, the removal of the sexual organs. It’s an advisable and necessary part of a dogs life. But immediately proceeding this experience is the wait for the dog to get better.

This process usually takes 10 – 14 days. For the first two or three days you dog will be in an amount of pain that will take on various forms depending on the personality of your dog. Some might simply lay down on their bed and only move to eat or drink and go outside. Others will try to act normally but, upon noticing something is missing will spend their time dancing around the room and whining a bit. Don’t worry because this is normal and it will go away. The only tough part for dog lovers is having to wait out the recovery time.

In most cases stitches will be used to close any incisions made during the surgery. When it comes to this it’s important to watch your dog closely, especially if the dog is a “licker”. Licking a wound is the dogs natural way of trying to clean it and sooth pain. But in this case licking can cause irritation to the wound and can help spread bacteria around it. Also, in most cases, licking is a precursor to biting and chewing. Left on their own, most dogs will have stitches removed. This is dangerous and in the event that is happens would require immediate attention and new stitches put in.

This is a bag thing for several reasons. When the dog requires to have stitches put back in the vet will have to readminister anesthetic. Limiting the dogs exposure to this is recommend which is why its used only when necessary. To avoid this from happening most vets recommend a special dog supply in order to stop the dog from chewing or biting their wound. It’s a dog cone or e-collar. They’re the cone shaped collars that attach to the dogs regular collar. With this the dog is unable to reach it’s hind quarters and therefore is stopped from irritating the area.

The cones come in various sizes for the different size dogs obviously. But they are generally the same and usually cost about $10 and your vet. You may be able to find them cheaper or more expensive depending on where you buy dog supplies and how much of a quality dog supply you wish you purchase. Either way they each have the same affect.

As you could expect the majority of dogs that are required to wear these collars aren’t happy about it. Like their reactions to recovering from surgery their reactions to having a plastic collar strapped to their heads will be just as varied. Anywhere from ensuing in a constant struggle to remove the cone by banging their head on anything near and pawing incessantly at it to simply standing in the middle of the room and refusing to lay down until they’re so tired they pass out. Again, just another one of the issues a dog owner needs to go through their their dog is recovering from surgery.

When it comes to looking for the right cone for your dog there are some who would go about their process of trying to find dog supplies online and would prefer to purchase the dog supply right from their usually place. This is fine but remember it’s an important part of some dogs recovery. Even if the dog isn’t normally a chewer they can be unpredictable in their conditions, especially when they are asleep and you’re unable to watch them.

So if your dog has recently gone through a surgery and have to wear a dog cone then make sure you keep them as comfortable as possible and continue to remind yourself that despite their dislike of it, it’s for their benefit and in a few days when their stitches and healed and it isn’t bothering them so much it can be removed and the dog will be on their way to normal.

When trying to find go supplies online remember that it isn’t always dog toys or food that is important. This items used for the dog to become healthy again are just as important. So make sure you apply the same tips to these supplies that you would to others.