Clothing Guide For Your Shooting Day

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The shooting season is well underway, with game days very much in full flow, evident from the Saturday morning bangs I hear while driving down country roads. I do find the apparel worn of shoot days rather snazzy, as with most sports the look of the participants has changed with the times, yet with a number of country sports, the image is still very much traditional with the tweeds, wax coats and the long cotton socks.

A shooting day is an experience, despite being expensive when having to pay for the game that you have shot; definitely worth doing at least once in your life. It should be advised that the shoots take place in the heart of winter, with the shotguns being cold to touch and the frosty ground tingling the foot.

The following are the game days must have fashion items to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

1. Tweed
The tweed outfit is quite something is not it. The tweed three quarter trouser accessorising long dress socks with a waistcoat and jacket, finished off with a tie. It is the quintessential traditional shooting apparel, yet stick with the tweed trousers wearing a shirt and jumper to accompany. Conform slightly; you do not want to overdo it.

2. Socks
The long colorful cotton sock's have become as iconic as the tweeds themselves. Walking through country fields and marshes within the woodland can seem a chore and frosty ground, so by keeping your hopes warm the experience will not be dampened by the temperature.

3. Leather Gloves
Trust me, on a frosty day, standing in a field waiting for pheasants to fly overhead is not a pleasant time. Ensure that you are wrapped up warm with gloves to hand. I recommend leather gloves as they are slim lined and fit tightly onto hand. The benefit of this is that the touch feel would be better for shooting, without the need to take the gloves off.

4. Wellington Boots
There are wellington boots and then there are wellington boots. Make sure you thoroughly consider the latter. I am a farmers' son and I can assure you there are a lot of differences between wellington boots as I have tried the cheap, the moderately priced and the expensive. The mains areas of difference are from the comfort, fitting and practicality. If you're buying wellington boots then sure these factors are rather important ..? If you were to buy some wellington boots, go for a more stylish and lined pair. You will be more likely to wear them again with jeans or trousers if they look the part.

5. Wax Barbour Jacket
Wrap yourself up in a wax jacket. The right wax jacket can be worn through the winter, even accessorising jeans and a jumper. You will not regret having a coat that is warm, waterproof and tough.

Do not go out and buy items of clothing that will only be worn once, but I feel that the items I've covered could be worn and appreciated again, so go out there and having a go at clay or game shooting.