Men’s Watches Make a Fashion Statement

When it comes to men, watches make a fashion statement in a subtle way. They are important to a man’s appearance especially as this is the one accessory that they are able to carry off whereas women have more options open to them. Also in recent years the popularity surrounding men’s watches has soared, I believe one of the main reasons for this is the amount of high rated male professionals and celebrities who now embrace them. Due to high class sports players and characters such as James Bond, wrist watches are a must have for any man. They have become one of the most important accessories that a man can own; they are most defiantly essential style elements.

They represent one of the few pieces of jewelry that a man can wear, along with their wedding ring. It is through a watch that men are able to make a statement. They can express their personality through wearing a luxury timepiece or by wearing a sporty one. In order to help with this there are now a collection of beautiful watches available that could match any man’s attire.

Many men often look to buying a dressier watch; they choose something that is a classic or one that is long lasting. To help you purchase the watch that you truly want there are a number of companies around such as Seiko, Bulova, Timex and Casio as well as Movado, Gucci and Fossil. All of these are leaders when it comes to men’s watches and all have released some of the most classic time pieces around. Seiko for example introduced the world’s first quartz, the world’s first LCD quartz with six digit display, and the world’s first intelligent analog quartz with alarm and timer function.

Seiko continued with their success when in 1992 they introduced their new Kinetic design. This collection revolves around quartz watches that are electrically charged by movement. This collection is that advanced that if the watch isn’t worn for more than three days it will send itself into a sleep mode as a means of conserving its energy. If this however does happen then all that is needed is a few shakes of your wrist and it will wake up and reset the time.

Another example of a fantastic watch that is doing extraordinary things comes from the designer Bulova, who are a New York based corporation. This corporation designs and manufactures several different brands of watches, which includes the classic ‘Bulova,’ the ‘Caravelle,’ which is an affordable timepiece and the formal Swiss-made ‘Wittnauer Swiss’ as well as the more sportier watch known as ‘Accutron,’ which includes the limited edition ‘Astronaut’ model.

Timex however remain the nation’s largest manufacturer of watches and over the years they have expanded their line from low cost watches through to high tech ones, which are capable of paging and even downloading computer data. Timex produces a range of watches including the impression sports ones in the form of Expedition and Ironman.

As I previously mentioned there are a number of men’s watches available from a range of designers including Seiko, Bulova, Timex and Casio as well as Movado, Gucci and Fossil. So whatever your taste you should have no problem finding the perfect timepiece within the help of one of these manufacturers.