Are Toys Important For Child Development?

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Let's discuss the importance of toys for child development. Before the first year, babies will start to discover how to use their four most significant sensations-sound, smell, touch, and sight. Babies at this stage can associate sound and smell to something. For example, when a baby hears the voice of his / her mother, he will be able to match the sound of the voice t the face of his / her mommy. It is the same thing for smell. They can recognize smell and associate it with certain people. Toys that produce sound and music when the baby did some action to them are very useful at this stage. Some examples of these are the very classic toy rattle, rubber duckie, and musical toys. For developing the sense of smell of a baby, all you have to do is let him / her smell something and show him / her the source of that smell.

At this stage, babies can also use their hands a bit which makes them develop their sense of touch. The same goes for the sense of sight. To develop the babies' sense of touch, you could give them some toys such as teddy bear and other toys with different textures. For their sense of sight, you can give them colorful picture books with sound and other toys for child development that are bright and single-colored.

For babies who are 1 to 2 years old, they are enhancing their social skills and independence from parents. Around this age, children like building and manipulating things. You can give them Lego, building blocks, and simple toys that can be operated. When babies reach 18 months, they can enjoy their freedom because they can now walk on their own and sometimes run. Give them toys for d that will make them more active while playing with them such as balls, Activity Stations, toys that produce sound by speaking or creating noise and character toys that they usually see on TV. You can also start reading stories or sing nursery rhymes to your child at this stage because they are learning how to speak. It is also advised that parents speak to their children very often.

From 2 years old and up, they can now count and talk more clearly. They have also improved their motor skills such as running and climbing and they also become stronger. Parents can give them toys which they can throw or drop and toys that move and can speak such as toy cars, robots, and walking and speaking dolls. Toy cars which they can ride or push are also highly recommended.

Moreover, children at the age of three are very active. Parents should give them outdoor toys such as bicycle, balls which they can kick, catch and throw, and climbing structures and backyard swings. The creativity and imagination of a child also develops at this stage so parents should provide them with appropriate toys for child development such as doll sets with dresses, trains and cars, doll houses, and action figures. They also tend to copy or imitate adults' activities, that is why it is good for parents to give their kids toys that resembles adult tools like cooking sets, ironing board and iron, carpenter's tools, lawn mowers, or mechanic's tools.