4 Toddler Toys That Make You Wish You Had Quadruplets!

Well, even if you have no kids, here are toddler toys that will bring out the charitable aunt or uncle in you! Here goes …

Lauri Toys Toddler Tote

This is a kit that comes with 2 Lauri Crepe Rubber mini-pegboards, 7 tall-stacker pegs, 1 large Lauri crepe rubber geometric shape puzzle, all in a carrying case for easy storage. The crepe rubber is bright, durable, soft, latex-free and washable. Inside are 4 small Lauri crepe rubber geometric shape puzzles, 3 Lauri Crepe rubber animal puzzles and an activity guide

This assortment of toys may be used in several ways to entertain little ones and help them learn. In addition to having fun with basic pegging and puzzle-making, they will learn about shapes, colors, and numbers. Kids can even use the crepe rubber puzzle pieces to make up a fun story. After toddlers get the hang of matching the shapes with the right hole, they can start organizing them by color and size.

The Toddler's Busy Book

Not exactly a toy, but a great gift for toddlers from 18 months to 3 years, this book contains 365 activities (one for each day) for toddlers using things found around the house. It shows parents and childcare providers how to prevent boredom with ideas for indoor play, kitchen activities, and arts and crafts projects. 408 pages designed for their little attention spans. The type is large, and the explanations short.

Of course there are activities that require some initial purchases like clear contact paper but overall this is a self-sufficient book that moms will be happy to have.

Teach My Toddler

Here's a gift that offers 17 coordinated teaching tools to help toddlers master the alphabet, numbers 1-10, shapes and colors. All pieces neatly in a portable carrying case and a step by step parent guide ensures successful learning.

Teach My Toddler is the iParenting award-winning set … but one issue faced by friends is putting the puzzle back together … its pretty frustrating for a toddlers (you really have to push pretty hard). They could have had a back on the board and backing on the individual pieces. But who's complaining?

Infantino Where's My Tail Puzzle

The perfect puzzle for developing matching skills this colorful 20 piece set has 10 adorable creatures with missing tails! Children have a great time finding them! The pieces are large, thick and colorful. It comes in a great box that has a rope carrying handle, so storage is not a problem and the pieces do not get lost easily. It's a great puzzle that helps with the recognition of animals and with fine motor skills. Among the best toddler toys, I reckon!