Choosing Intimate Clothing to Last All Night at Home

A night in, away from the crowds can be just as exciting as a night on the town. In the privacy of your own home you can create a fantasy world that entices the imagination and explores more than just possibilities.

Imagine a quiet evening at home watching a movie and snuggling on the couch with your man, sounds nice right? What if you spiced it up a bit and when you went to make popcorn you came back delivering it in a sexy French maid outfit? Too cliché? Then maybe a hot car getup or a hooters uniform? You know he would be pleased and you may have to call an admission in the movie.

There are many options for spicing up a night at home, with the right outfit you can create almost any atmosphere and bring all the fantasies to life that either of you may have. Choosing intimate clothing can be intimidating but if you can get past the overwhelming supply of products then it can be a blast.

If you have never worn anything other than an occasional nighty to bed you may want to start off with something more simple like a babydoll design and work your way up to the seductive French maid outfit. There are those who dive right in and go for the naughty nurse on their first trip to the lingerie store, there is nothing wrong with that either. Take it at your own pace, where you feel comfortable and just have fun.

There are so many selections and all too many accessories to choose from, the internet is a great place to browse around for different styles as they usually will contain pictures of real women wearing the lingerie. It helps to match your body type to the style that will accentuate your best features and enhance the ones that need help.

The babydoll is designed for every body size and shape, while the sleek form fitting body suit may not be. You can use strategically placed boas, garters, and other details to draw the eye to certain areas of your body, while using wraps, skirts, and other accessories to keep other parts out of view.

Your bust line will be the most noticeable on any style lingerie you choose. If you are a large breasted woman you will want to find something that offers support with underwire or formed cups to add softness around the natural curves. Smaller breasted women will want to find something with padding in the cup that will push and contour the breast to create a strong bust line and enhance cleavage.

Do not be intimidated by the sexy designs that are being offered, be adventurous and try one out. You might find that it is easier to feel sexy in something made for just that, you can release some inhibitions with your new freedom and your man will greatly appreciate it, as will you.