How Heavy is Your Handbag?

Oversized handbags are right on trend at the moment. Those who carry large handbags usually manage to fill them with all sorts of daily essentials including gadgets, make up, phone, baby stuff, even a laptop. But the ever growing weight of our handbags can likened in some cases to the weight carried by a hod carrier, have you ever though about how much stress this puts on our backs, necks, joints and shoulders.

You will probably carry your favourite oversized handbag every where with you causing a constant and ongoing stress from the weight of the bag. Bad posture is a problem amongst those carrying heavy bags as they lean the opposite way to compensate for the weight of the bag. As the body is a whole and interconnected system, strain in one area can also lead to problems in another area. Heavy handbags can cause back, neck, shoulder and joint pain, muscle spasms, sprains and even headaches.

A report in April this year by The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress published on Medical News Today warned that the carrying of heavy handbags can have significant health risks. Gerard W. Clum, D.C., president of Life Chiropractic College in West Hayward, Calif. recommends using a bag with two shoulder straps or pulling a carrying case with wheels.

As many women want to look after their health but do not want to compromise on style or what they carry in their bags, the perfect solution is a designer, quality and fashionable hand bag on wheels. Until now ergonomic handbags that are comfortable to carry have been viewed as unfashionable and unsightly. The latest handbag on wheels by Tiffany Anisette gives the best of both.