Samsung 37 Inch LCD TV

Samsung has become a leader in the development and sale of HDTVs. The new 37 inch LCD TV is a great product which possesses top of the line features in picture quality. With the Samsung 37 inch LCD TV, your living room will become your own personal theater. With the outstanding picture and sound quality of this product, you will never want to leave your living room again.

The Samsung 37 inch LCD TV features high quality picture which is thought about by a variety of features that contribute to the screens overall excellence. The screen features a dynamic contrast ratio of 70,000: 1 which enhances the picture by making the screen smoother and more realistic than ever before. This ratio creates a surplus of different color possibilities and even darker scenes seem brighter with the establishment of new brightness and contrast levels. This product also contains more scanning lines which creates more pixels and enhances the details of the picture making the viewing experience more enjoyable. The Samsung 37 inch LCD TV also contains a cold cathode fluorescent lamp that acts as a back light vivid colors that appear brighter than ever thought possible.

The viewing experience is also enhanced with technology that enhances the display of colors and creates a 3D effect. The display on the screen is greatly improved with this technology and colors look deeper and vivid. The Samsung 37 inch LCD TV also includes a feature that reduces motion blur that is a common problem with HDTVs because they display motion so fast. This product also includes a response time of 4ms making it easy and fast to change channels and settings. Also the Samsung 37 inch LCD TV has such high resolution that you can sit closer the TV than ever before. You can sit much closer to this product than any other standard television and still not see the pixels.

The Samsung 37 inch LCD TV contains four hdmi ports which allows you to connect multi media devices such as your camera, mp3 player, and even your computer. With this feature the tv can function as the computer monitor and you can play music and videos that are stored on your computer and view them on the high quality picture of an HDTV. You can also plug in a surround sound system which provides great audio quality when watching sports games and movies.

This product contains great features that produce a high quality picture and create an overall outstanding viewing experience.