Bench Watches – A Short Introduction

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In 2010 Bench is an internationally widely recognized brand name, but its rise has been a very rapid and extraordinary one. In the late 1980's Bench started in Manchester just producing skateboarding and freestyle BMX t-shirts aimed at that market and the people who follow that culture. During the last 20 years they have outgrown their own expectations to their current position as a leader in the urban fashion market, not only appealing to the skaters and riders, but to anyone who likes their street level clothing and accessories, also branching out into manufacturing trendy Bench watches.

Bench are known all over the globe nowdays. They are still first and foremost a fashion clothing company, and that is what they are still most known for, though in today's market of total merchandising they have not slipped behind in any opportunities to push the Bench brand out further. They now host a range of products including beachwear, clothing for children, watches and belts. They have also played host to a variety of events and festivals that fit in with the image and the consumers that they aim their products at through sponsorship, and just a few years ago Bench was voted the coolest brand of street wear by a panel of judges from "Coolbrands".

With their roots based firmly in Manchester from their humble beginnings and with it being the city where they are still based, Bench has been a prominent brand in the famous Manchester club scene, notorious for its cool cutting edge music across all genres. They have also been able to use this as a springboard to push the brand all over the planet. You can now purchase Bench products from places such as Australia, South America and Canada, from jackets and jeans to Bench watches. They have even gone as far as to be able to open up shops selling nothing but Bench products, such is the success of the brand!

All this is quite an achievement not only for a company that is only 20 years old, but for the fact that it was only quite recently that they branched out into the world of watches, belts and accessories. They have clearly got the design right, and the marketing right as well on how they are going about their business, they are still growing and have become one of the most desired brand names out there, so why not check out the range of Bench watches on the market today. At such affordable prices and with some fantastic designs for any occasion and for men and women, there is something for everyone.