Tips on Taking Good Care of a Watch

A watch is more than an accessory and if you take good care of it the watch could become a family heirloom. Caring for a watch is not tedious.

o Always place your watch in its case at the end of the day. If you leave in it a bag or purse or on a table it could get scratched badly.

o Unless you watch is water proof or resistant you must protect the watch from high humidity levels. Watches that have leather bracelets should not be worn for a swim or dipped in soap suds. The leather will get ruined.

o If you want a watch to outlast you then set up a service schedule like you do for your car. Get the watch serviced by its own manufacturer as far as possible. This way you will protect the watch's authenticity. And, you can be assured that duplicate parts will not be used. The authorized center will service the watch and replace any worn out parts, lubricate the watch, and clean its case.

o Read the care booklet carefully. And follow the instructions given.

o If the watch is a mechanical one try not to be rough when winding the watch.

o If the watch has a metal strap, you can clean the strap in water or use soap, water, and an old toothbrush to clean all the grime away. Take care not to let water into the case. And wipe the case gently with a soft cloth.

o Leather straps must be protected from perspiration and expert's advice that watches with leather straps should be worn loose in summer. When wet the strap must be washed with a soft cloth. Never use a hair drier it will crack the leather up.

o Protect your watch from high temperatures, contact with leaking batteries or harmful chemicals, magnets, strong sunlight, and shocks.

o If you want to adjust the strap length, place the watch on a flannel piece or cloth. Be gentle or the spring will fly out and never be found again. If you have clumsy hands then take the watch to the service center for adjustments.

o If the watch needs winding you must wind it at the same time everyday. Research indicates that winding in the morning is beat. Wind a watch slowly and consistently. Stop winding when you meet with resistance. Be careful or you will break the spring if you continue to wind the watch.

o If the watch is automatic then you cans wing the arm around in an arc to get the watch running. Some watches have winding too, and then give the watch around 25 gentle turns to get it running smoothly. Automatics can be left off overnight without winding.

o If you need to remove any scratches you can do so with a gentle cleaner and soft cloth to rub the scratch away. Many people use products that range from Brasso to toothpaste to Polywatch.

A watch will work for 10-15 years without breaking down. But sometimes not servicing the watch regularly can lead to huge expenses when a final break down occurs. The adage "a stitch in time saves nine" applies to the world of watches.