Military Watches for Men: Are They Suitable As Gifts for Guys? Does It Suit My Style? Do I Need It?

Are military watches for men suitable as gifts for special occasions like birthdays? A large number of people may be wondering, "Nah, these kind of timepieces are generally for men who work in the military". If it was 2 decades ago, I might be more incline toward this view. But right now, I'm not so sure.

Military timepieces were initially intended to serve the military people, since it's name, therefore, it must meet the criteria of durability and dark in color. As soon as people imagine a military watch, the major would be likely to think of an uninteresting, dark-colored and clumsy looking watch. However, if you look at the watches now in shopping malls, it is appropriate that the design and style of these watches for men deviates from the traditional boring or clumsy look. In reality, it is the contradictory; these watches are actually fashionable, sophisticated, and classy.

Military watches are no more what you think they are

Taking these evidence into account, it's not difficult to realize that military timepieces are not just suitable for military purposes, but also for everyday wear, and for consumers who are looking to add a sporty and cool look to their accessories.

It is evident that military watches are straying away from the stereotype of dull, huge, and a boring single-function device. An increasing number of them currently have a multitude of state-of-the-art functions like barometer, compass, atomic, eco-driven, and solar-powered. Are all of these functions only applicable to military personnel? Of course not. Any individual can benefit from these features and that's the reason why these type of fashionable yet tough watches are starting to become a hot-seller among a wide range of consumers, particularly outdoor enthusiasts. You do not have to be working in the army to buy a great fashionable watch like these!

The definition of military watches are nothing more than a nomenclature of categorizing watches, rather than a representation of its actual consumer market.


As the saying goes, "A watch speaks multitude about a man's character", hence, it is important for a man to own at least one decent watch. It symbolizes a man's status. It echoes volumes about the individual wearing it. It helps a person to leave a good first impression (first impression counts). Any normal guy would definitely be proud to own a reliable, rugged-looking watch. Therefore, a military watch can be a fantastic birthday gift, Valentine's day gift, wedding anniversary gift, or Christmas gift for any man in your life. It can also be given to your boyfriend to show your appreciation for his love and concern. So, the bottom line is, military watches for men can be a great gift for any male on any occasion.