Challenging Myself To Climb Snowdon

And there it was, on a sunny Saturday afternoon while stirring my cup of tea, my daily occurrence of a random thought that pops into my head. This one was not a regular thought like what shoes to wear with my new outfit or a new marketing technique for site, but a challenge for myself and to create a great memory while doing it. It was to climb Snowdon!

This was quite extreme for me. In fact very extreme. I'll be the first to admit I do not do much exercise and I always intend to go to the next zumba class or catch up with my friends in aqua aerobics but I never seem to do it as the plans just do not come into place. But after creating a five year plan when I turned 25 a few years ago, I thought this would be a brilliant one to do. My five year plan is huge! I love to add things to it from trying lobster for the first time to going to the Maldives. I've completed about half of my list in the last 2 years and I keep adding to it. My latest addition was a big one and pretty serious. It was not to try sushi or a must see movie that I've never gotten round to watching, but a physical and mental challenge. To many people it might come across as not a big deal and many people have completed it for many reasons but for me, the girl who never exercises and enjoy eating out several times a week, its going to be hard work.

I'm planning on climbing Snowdon on Saturday 14th July with 6 family members. I am very excited and I believe when I've made it to the top and back I will be punching the air with a great achievement under my belt. I need to look into techniques to keep fit and not get light headed or cramp or moan all the way up that I'll listen to me! I certainly wont be taking the easy route by jumping on the tram which takes an hour to get up. Instead I'm doing the six mile route which will take a couple of hours and then the four mile route back down. Or I might just roll all the way down which will take less time and I can tuck into a well deserved fun and celebration drink much sooner then planned!

Whilst preparing my Snowdon hike I did some research on the mountain to know what I'm up against, some facts and figures you may not have known yourself

Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales at 3560ft (1085m)

All five countries of the British Isles (Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man) can be seen from the top when conditions permit.

Snowdon is quite near the sea at 10 miles, although the nearest 3000 footer to the sea is Foel Fras (3091ft) which stands just over 4 miles from the coast!

There are 1,497 miles of public footpaths in Snowdonia.

Snowdon interviews around 400,000 walkers a year not to mention around 100,000 visitors who reach the summit by train.

Wish me luck and I will tell about my experience.