A New Handbag Guide To Make An Ordinary Woman Vogue


When it comes to selecting the perfect handbag, the myriad of options puts us in a catch-22 situation. True, there is perfect handbag out there, but how do you find it among the millions of handbags out there? Well, it all comes down to does the bag function for the occasion? So, to get you heading in the right direction, here is a list of 6 types of bags along with what occasions they are perfect for.

With that in mind, let's look at a few types.

Two-Handle Messenger:

These bags, as you may have guessed, come with an over the shoulder handle as well as a cross-body strap. Will you be doing a lot of commuting? If so, that cross-body strap will be well used to keep your hands free for important activities. Designs are usually casual, given the occasion.


Are you planning for a dressy "weekend" activity such as a beautiful Sunday brunch? Then this slouchy styled bag would be perfect. It has a casual day look with a formal flair to fit your dressy outfit.

Mini Saddle:

Do you find yourself running a bunch of errands from the office? If so, take a look at these sporty utilitarian type bags. They are made with (usually) adjustable cross-body straps to keep your hands free, but with a less bulky bag size than the Messenger.

Framed Satchel:

Are you traveling for business? Or, are you going to a job interview? The Framed Satchel is your bag. The built-in frame gives these bags a structured, classic ladylike look. If you're looking for something to buff up your business outfit, look for a Framed Satchel.


The term tote means "to carry." Thus, you will find its size large with a casual design. Making a trip to the gym after work? Going on a fun weekend getaway? This carryall bag was made just for such occasions.

Chain Strap Mini-bag:

Looking for that touch of glitz for your next fancy cocktail party? These Chain Straps will bring out that black, gold, silver, or any combination of details in your outfit. Its purpose is to "accessorize." So, if you want to dress to impress, this is it.

There you have it … the Two Handle Messenger, the Hobo, the Mini Saddle, the Framed Satchel, the Tote, and the Chain Strap Mini-bag. These 6 types of handbags will cover just about every occasion.

Now all you have to do is ask yourself what purpose are you trying to fulfill and you can at least start heading (shopping … hee hee) in the right direction.