Trampoline Safety Pad and Accessories

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Trampolines , being rebounding devices, propel the user to unaccustomed heights and into a variety of body movements. Recreational trampolines are designed exclusively for the home backyard market and not intended for competitive use. The vast majority of users of backyard trampolines are children, and there before require close and constant adult supervision. Rules should be followed while playing on the trampoline.

A vital element to safe trampolining is found with the safety pad. Quality manufactured safety pads are constructed of a 1 "single layer of closed cell polyethylene foam and are covered with a durabe and UV resistant cover.

Safety Pads are either designed nor intended to be used as seats or steps. Do not sit on or step on the safety pads! Failure to enforce this rule may cause irreparable damage to the pads.

Trampoline pads and all other components should be inspected prior to each use. Defective or worm trampoline equipment should be replaced prior to resuming use of trampoline.

Recommended weight limitation for most trampolines is no more than 200 lbs. Persons at or near this weight should test the durability of the springs prior to extensive bouncing. This can be done by jumping lightly on the mat. If the resiliency appears to be weak, stop bouncing immediately, take off each spring for inspection. If the spring appears to be over stretched, the mat should not be repaired until the defective springs have been replaced. Be sure and check the mat for any components that may need replacing.