6 Top Organizational Features of Closet Design

If a beautifully organized space in the bedroom with a place for every pair of shoes, purse, scarf, and clothing separate is your fantasy, beautiful closet design may be on the horizon. Thanks to modular organizational systems and innovative features, this storage area can fit your needs in new and exciting ways.

Modular Systems

The anchor of most closet design is a modular system created to fit the individual needs of the homeowner. Separate pieces work together to create a unique system that fits both the space and the items needing to be stored. Separate pieces include hanging bars, shelving, drawers, bins, and racks in a variety of configurations.

Center Island

Just as kitchens often utilize a center island for both storage and as a workspace, closet design has also added this feature. People design this space for a variety of uses, including an ironing and folding surface atop useful storage drawers, shelves, and bins.

Built-in Ironing Station

Folding and unfolding an ironing board might be enough to make you avoid the iron forever. But, if you include a built-in lighting station in your closet, ironing could become fun again. This type of ironing board might slide out like a drawer or fold down like a Murphy bed. After ironing shirts and slacks to crisp perfection, you can immediately transfer them to hangers for storage.

Laundry Convenience

Make a place for dirty clothes to simplify the laundry process. A hamper that tilts out from the wall or pulls out conveniently might be ideal. If you live in a multi-story home with the washing machine and dryer on a different level, install a laundry chute in the closet to transport dirty clothes directly to the laundry room for washing.

Accessory Storage

A storage location for every accessory ensures that the design will maintain order. Lined jewelry drawers will keep your baubles discreetly stowed away until you wish to wear them. It's even possible to install drawers with locks for added security. Install a belt rack that pulls out for easy access and tidy storage. Keep purses ready for use with a hanging system on a wall. Tuck scarves away neatly in small cubbies. A rack designed for both boots and shoes will keep your footwear in pristine condition. Consider angled shelves for added convenience, but realize that this configuration requires additional space between the shelves.

Adding Comforts

While you might not think that closet design should include seating, there is a strong trend for adding furniture to these spaces. Imagine not only using your closet for dressing and undressing, but also for relaxing after a long day at work. A chaise lounge or padded bench might be the perfect addition to this area of ​​your bedroom. Adding a recliner in one corner might also be an option.

Whether you have a walk-in area or it's more limited in space, effective closet design should maximize the storage space for your items while enabling you to enjoy the area as you use it.