Is Your Eye Shadow Right For You?

Choose Your Eye Shadow Wisely

In today's world, it seems that almost any topic is open for debt. While I was gathering facts for this article, I was quite intrigued to find some of the facts you will learn here about eye shadow.

Fashion Modeling and Cosmetics

If you are heading off to a photo session and are going to apply your own make up, consider these points about eye shadow first. Yes, all stages of makeup application are important for fashion or glamor models but this is unduly plays a very important role in you final choices of cosmetics when posing for pictures.

Eye Shadow – Past and Present

I can remember what people dressed like when I was young. It was the seventies, and I remember the tight T-shirts and the bell-bottoms quite well.

I also remember that a lot of high school girls wore blue eyes shadow and always seemed to be larger than life to me.

If you look at fashion trends and cosmetic changes in females through the years, and the fashion or glamor models of a certain decade, you may realize that it's not just about the clothes the models are wearing in pictures. You can sometimes date a photo by just looking at the eyes.

The beauty and makeup progress has changed tremendously through the years just like clothing trends. If you do not believe me, just look at photos of girls and women taken in the eighties. The ways in which they applied their makeup was the sign of the times, and when the nineties roled around, many people stopped wearing as much.

The models beauty products went from wild to muted, if it was worn at all. Every year I find out a new color is in, but in reality, you can not just wear any old color if you want to look fantastic in your model photos.

Just because everyone is wearing gobs of blue, that does not mean that you have to wear it, or that you should be wearing it. My dear mother always used that old saying; "If everyone jumped off a cliff does that mean you have to jump too?"

How to make Your Eyes "POP"

Did you know you can wear certain colors that will make your eyes pop?

If your eyes are hazel for instance, but they usually look green then you can make them stand out by wearing purple, and sometimes you may add a little green to it.

This effect works very well! You could definitely wear brown with your hazel eyes, but they would not pop like they do when when you apply the purple.

When applying cosmetic products, there are colors that will do this for every eye color out there, though you may have to experiment until you find the one that works best for you.

Put on your eye shadow, close your eyes while standing in front of your mirror, then open them suddenly. Do you see pop or flop? You be the judge.

Beauty Enhancement does not have to Cost a Fortune in order to Look Good!

How much did you spend on your eye shadow the last time you went to a model photo session?

You really do not have to spend a fortune on your eye makeup, but the ones that cost a little more do tend to stay in place on your eyelids a little longer. Honestly though, I have seen both expensive and inexpensive name brands that work well for my fashion models and stay in place for the entire shooting.

There is nothing worse than your make up running down your face when you are out in public or at an important photo session. Make sure you get one that places put as that might be the most attractive look of all. The color you choose is not important if the eye shadow is all over your face! When it comes to looking fantastic in your images, do not splurge or skimp on expense.

My final tidbit of advice is to be sure you buy eye shadow that suits you and will compliment your eyes; not because everyone else is wearing it. You will be happy you made the right choice! Now, go and look beautiful !!