Winter Accessory Must-Haves

Cool weather is upon us! Even the warmer states are starting to see chilly nights and northerly breezes. So now is the time to start packing away those strappy sandals and stocking up in the latest fall and winter fashion accessories.

Too often, people incorrectly rely on one utilitarian coat to carry them over in all conditions and all occasions. But coats are as important a part of your wardrobe as your shirts and shoes. Every woman should have a lighter, casual jacket for every day, such as a moto-chic fitted leather or rugged-but-girly twill military-style jacket. For both nicer casual and professional wear, purchase a wool pea coat or a trench coat, both of which famously highlight the feminine curves on almost every body type. For formal wear, look for a matching metallic or cashmere, knee-length or longer coat to stay warm in your sheer holiday dress.

Scarves are no longer just for keeping your neck warm. They are the accessory extraordinaire that moves from spring to winter, from casual to dressy, in all sizes, materials and colors. Their use is only as creative as its wearer: worn draped just around the neck, knotted in creative pretzel shapes, even tied around the waist as a make-shift belt, or looped to make a colorful fabric necklace. For warmer winter days, match a sheer, fringed cotton scarf with a simple long-sleeved tee or tunic. The chilliest days are made for fuzzy wool and cashmere scarves knotted around your neck and tucked tightly into the neck of your coat.

You know it's winter when the boots arrive! Whether petite or statuesque, every woman looks amazing in knee-length heeled boots paired with skinny jeans or leggings. When wearing tights and a mini, try cute suede ankle boots in place of your usual flats. For added coziness and warmth, seek out Ugg boots in either fleece-lined suede or wool cardi knits

Thanks to the popularity of leggings and tights, we no longer have to put away those miniskirts when the weather turns cold. A flounced skirt looks adorable with calf-length leggings and flats. Pair herringbone or argyle pattern tights with a solid colored cotton or jean skirt for an interesting punch of texture and color. Thanks to the mixture of jeans with leggings to make what is called jeggings, you no longer have to work with stiff, heavy denim. No more struggling to stuff jean legs into knee-length boots, and fitted long shirts, sweaters and tunics remain streamlined.

Before the weather gets too cool, head to a women's boutique to prepare yourself for a fashionable but cozy winter season.