On Mixing and Matching Your Attire With Accessories

You are in a meeting and you are bored to your wits. You look for small things that can entertain you and you notice your wrists with its bland shirt cuffs and buttons. You feel that there is something that you could have put there that would have saved you from this boredom, yet you don’t know what it is. After the meeting, you feel that your shirt cuffs are in dire need of a makeover. But you worry about that can be done.

The solution is actually very simple – cufflinks.

Cufflinks are small pieces of accessory that can solve your bland cuffs dilemma. While they can be very small, they can provide the glamour-and entertainment-that you need to make your usual suit more elegant and sophisticated.

More often than not, you wear cufflinks depending on the color of your shirt. It is important to have a well-coordinated color if you want to maximize your cufflinks. But that doesn’t goes to say that you have to limit yourself to the usual color combinations. If you know how to mix and match your shirt and cufflinks, you may realize that although you wear the same suit everyday, it would feel like a different wardrobe with just the right pair of cufflinks. Your suit will have more appeal that you were unable to discover before. If you’ve bought cufflinks to match your particular shirt or suit, do not be limited with your purchase. Try to wear it with your other suits and you’ll never know what you might see in the mirror. Cufflinks are very versatile pieces of jewelry. Mix ’em and match ’em and astonish yourself with great new combinations.

Fashion is all about having fun. Don’t take your style or fashion sensibility too seriously or you’ll end up like one. Have fun with colors and make sure that you enjoy what you are wearing. Remember, the only hindrance to a good styled suit is your inability to project yourself with your suit.

Try on a set of cufflinks that speaks of your personality and individual style. There are a lot of novelty cufflinks available. Inject a little humor to your suit with fun cufflinks. Wearing them can infuse more life into your suit and you’ll shine brighter as people notice you. If you have a wild sense of humor, take a step further and wear cufflinks with bold designs and bright colors. Wear them with your sophisticated suits to add a vibrant personality. Break out from your usual boring suits and tell everybody in the office who you really are. If you’re a sports buff or fanatic, wear sport-themed cufflinks so people will know your passion and craze. Adventurous? Compass cufflinks are perfect for you. Not only are they cute and unique, they actually work! Techie? Wear iPod styled cufflinks. Yes, they are available! There is practically an endless list of novelty cufflinks designs that you can choose to reveal your otherwise veiled personality.

People who wear cufflinks are all about their style and exceptionally good fashion sensibilities. They can only be worn by perceptive men who have the capacity to merge classiness with the everyday in full grace. If you have a favorite set of cufflinks, wear them and never hesitate about mixing and matching them to keep your ensemble always looking new and exciting.