Discover Your Purpose – Begin With A Self-Assessment (8 Tips)

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Asking questions unlocks vital information about your purpose; purpose is inside out not outside in. In other words, you must look within to uncover the pieces that provide insight. Yes, you already have the answers. Therefore, this article recommends eight tips to help you maximize the self-discovery process. You only live this life once. Make it count!

8 Tips

  • Book an appointment with yourself.

You schedule appointments with everyone else – doctors, hair stylists, barbers, mechanics, trainers, etc.; why not schedule one with yourself? Self-discovery requires quiet time to think and reflect. Thus, approach it with a serious mindset. Pencil it in on your calendar. Don’t cancel the appointment. You need this concentrated time to get in touch with yourself. Besides something’s wrong if you can’t make time for yourself.

  • Be mindful of the atmosphere.

Atmosphere is everything. It can ignite energy and inspiration or make you feel a sense of doom and gloom. With that said, what types of places inspire you? When it comes to your living space,do you prefer one room over another. Are you most comfortable outdoors?

The point is to take the environment into consideration. Use whatever you need to create an atmosphere that helps you focus (light music, incense, lights, art, plants). Furthermore, wherever you decide to go, remember to turn off your phone. No texting, reading, googling, or surfing the net.

  • Come prepared.

Do your homework before the actual session. For example, jot down questions or topics you want to ponder. Purpose is tied to skills/talents, interests, unique characteristics, dreams, passions, and strengths. Review what you’ve already accomplished. Think about what made the achievements special. At the same time, think about how you want to be remembered. All of the greats are remembered for one thing – not several. Remember the saying, “Jack of all trades and master of none?” What one thing will people recall when they hear your name?

  • Don’t hold back.

Be honest with yourself. No one will be looking over your shoulder or reviewing your notes. It’s not a test with right or wrong answers – only what you think and feel. Brutal honesty brings you closer to understanding your purpose. So, don’t say that you are passionate about working with youth or numbers, for instance, when you know that both drive you crazy.

  • Store the information.

I suggest that you record your responses – electronically or manually. This information is too important to fall by the wayside. It’s like a blueprint. A contractor doesn’t build the house without the layout. If you opt to record the information manually consider using a journal or spiral notebook.

  • Take heed what you uncover.

While the structure is being built, the designer consults the blueprint to stay on track. Similarly, you will defer to your map to remember the plan. You are not undergoing this process just to bury the information where it cannot be found. In fact, plan to revisit your journal as much as necessary.

  • Ask new questions.

Always take time to pause and ask new questions. What has changed? What has remained constant? How have you changed? Now what is the goal?Asking new questions keep you fresh, engaged, and current.

  • Revisit the process.

Life is constant. Things change; you change. In short, you may need to reinvent yourself occasionally. When I though that my passion for one area was diminishing, a closer examination revealed that it was time to utilize another dominant skill. The makeover provided a fresh perspective and reminded me of a neglected talent.