Features of a Good Quality Rackmount Powerstrip

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With a wide variety of rackmount powerstrip ranges available in the market, it is really difficult to zero in on the one that suit your requirements. Moreover, it also becomes very tricky to choose one with really good features. Here are a few points you may consider while getting one for your computer rack or server racks.

• Go for a rack mount powerstrip that is UL tested & recognized 1363, 1449, 1950, 60950
• One Popular model has front access outlets and is recessed 4 1/2 "for plug clearance
• Get any piece with surge and non-surge units but remember to check for authenticity of your rackmount power strip.
• See that your power strip has green LED indicator when the power is in the on mode. This is important to prevent accidents and injuries.
• Although they come with a standard 10 'cord, they are available from 2-15' are also available with many sellers.
• Twist lock plugs are available for additional safety
• A good rackmount power strip comes with an encasing of heavy duty 18 GA steel for durability and is generally coated in black.

Nowadays, you can even get a rackmount powerstrip that can be custom made as per your individual choice. If you can not find a configuration for your application, call a power vendor and you can order for one with different optional receptacles, plugs and on / off switch options.

Where to get a really good rackmount powerstrip?

Although you can get a small selection of rackmount powerstrip options in some electronic stores, you can usually find much a larger assortment with an online vendor. This typically saves you time as well as money. Most of these online stores offer a large variety of server racks, rackmount powerstrip collections and custom options as well.

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