Jeans For Your Body Shape

Finding the right jeans can sometimes be a loathing experience especially if you tend to be on the heavier side. Knowing how to dress for your body shape can do wonders for your wardrobe and turn your shopping experience into a swift, joyful activity instead of the self-deprecating commotion it can be. There are four main body shapes, apple, pear, rectangle, and hourglass. Each shape comes with its own characteristics and guide rules of Do’s and Don’ts. Though the hourglass figure is the most coveted shape, each one comes with its bag of blessings and struggles. Being honest with yourself when defining your shape will only help you learn more about your body type and fashion tips that will cater to your shape.

Jeans For Apple Shape

Your upper body is larger in proportion then your lower body. You have wide shoulders and generally med to big busted. Your bum tends to be on a flatter side, but your legs are finely shaped. When you gain weight it tends to go to your mid section. Wide legged pants or jeans will make you appear longer and leaner. Lighter color jeans will add form to your thighs and legs. You want to stay simple so stay away from patterns. Boot and flare cut are good also. Wearing heels ( if you know how to walk in them) will add height and balance to your body. Embroidery on pockets or, big back pockets can add thickness if you have a flatter back end. Stay away from really long pockets on back, this only makes the bum look flatter. You want your bottoms to be lighter in color then your top to add a balanced silhouette.

Jeans For Pear Shape

You tend to gain more weight in your lower half and your upper body is noticeably smaller then lower. You have narrow shoulders and back, usually small or medium bust paired with curvy things and calves. Make sure that your jeans are always a dark color. This doesn’t mean marrying black, just make sure the bottom piece is darker then the top. Stay away from patterns, they draw attention and make the big and curvy look bigger and curvier. Stay away form cropped pants, and heavy embroidery on back pockets. High waisted pants tend make the junk in the trunk look bigger. Go for medium to low rise bottoms; this will make the hips appear slimmer. Flare or boot cut is best.

Jeans For Rectangle

While your waist might not be that defined you tend to have great arms and legs. The measurement of your hips and shoulders are balanced with a straight torso. Your bust is average and you tend to have a broad back. When you gain weigh it tends to go to you stomach and thighs. Straight and boot cut are a perfect fit for this shape. Because this shape typically comes with a flatter bum, try to look for pans or jeans with wider pockets, or with flaps to help define your bottom and make it look fuller. Wide legged jeans are very flattering and create more curves for this shape. Rectangles could also rock skinny jeans or pants, depending on your build.

Jeans For Hourglass Shape

Your upper and lower body is generally equal in measurements. You have a small waist that tapers in. You are very curvy and tend to be full busted. You have shapely legs with broad shoulders that are symmetrical to your hips. The hourglass figure can pretty much wear all styles of pants. Wide legged or flared jeans are a great choice for this shape. If you’re on the trim side, skinny jeans work as well. You could also do high waisted pants, just keep in mind that they do make the bum appear bigger, so if that’s the look you’re going for, this cut will do it. High waisted pants can also help to hold in the “muffin-top.” If you are on the heavier size, mid-rise jeans are best. Low-rise jeans are great as long as your torso is not longer then the bottom half. Play around with the options considering your age, weight and style.