Chinook Camping Tents – An Outstanding Choice

When your family decides it is time to buy a tent to really enjoy the outdoors it is not as easy as what you might think. You can head out to your local outdoors store although it will not help much because there will be so many choices it will be difficult to compare and decide.

You will find you have a wide selection of tent styles and tent manufacturers from which to select. One of these is the Chinook camping tents. You will quickly learn that you can buy a dome tent, a tent with a compartment that acts as a separate room for privacy, as well as the ease of putting up the tent and the strong the material from which it is made.

Unlike some tents which seem impossible to install you will never have a problem with any of the Chinook camping tents. This makes the camping experience even more enjoyable as nothing can take the fun out of a camping trip as when it becomes impossible to put up the tent. You will also learn from Chinook that you need to choose the thickness of the tent very carefully. This is because if the tent is too thin, and your family decides on a winter camping experience, chances are everyone will freeze from the lack of protection. Still, if the thickness is too great then the opposite will happen in the summer and the heat can become intolerable.

Chinook camping tents offer a variety of choices such as the bathtub style floor, the polyester flies that are UV resistant and coated with polyurethan allowing for protection from water, large D style doors along with heavy duty #10 nylon coil zippers on each of the doors along with a #8 on the windows.

Each of the Chinook tents has a no-see-em mesh screens. There is also the gear loft which is great for extra storage. You will also find the double stitched and taped seams and strong fiberglass or aluminum pole frames. Every family will be pleased to find the guy lines, ground stakes and poles, along with the flies and storage bags for the tent that make the camping experience even more enjoyable.

One of the popular styles is the Titan Lodge Tent. This is the largest tent made by the manufacturer. It is great for a large family or for a group of campers. It offers a heavy duty, oxford nylon floor that can handle all kinds of foot traffic and camp furniture. The extra fiberglass poles make this choice very sturdy if you are hit by strong winds. It is built to protect the family from bad weather as well as cold or heat.

If you have a small number of campers then the Cyclone 3 Tent is the perfect choice. This is particularly great for those who enjoy the adventure of the backcountry. It offers great protection against the elements. It is also lightweight, easy to install, and roomy inside.

Chinook has so many different types of tents that anyone can find what they need.