Buying Antique Duck Decoys

Collecting duck decoys over the years has become quite popular. The use of duck decoys began thousands of years ago when the native made a duck out of different kinds of plans to attract ducks and is a tactic still used today. If you want to start collecting these your major concern is where you can buy some antique duck decoys. Finding these decoys can be somewhat of a challenge if you do not know where to look. Some of the great places to look for these decoys are thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. Other places such as an online auction house are great examples where to buy these antique duck decoys. Many of these antique decoys can be worth quite a bit of money to collectors however for some beginner collectors can buy duck decoys for reasonable prices from many outlets.

Before you do buy these decoys make sure it is actually an antique decoy. One thing you can do to prevent yourself from getting scammed out of your money is look for a signature style of duck decoy. Many antique decoys are not signed as art as they were a utilitarian piece of work. Some details that also let you known that you are buying a antique duck decoy is a lot of the early decoys have glass eyes and are weighted to perfect buoyancy. Tool marks are usually seen on antique decoys because in the early 1900’s they were made with a hand axe or draw knife.