Easy Dog Toys – Make a Dog Chew Toy

It’s easy to make your own dog chew toy and when it’s worn out, just make another one. Here are five different varieties of a homemade dog toy that your dog will love to chew on.

Braided Fleece Chew Toy:

This dog chew can be made from fleece scraps or just purchase a bit of fleece from a fabric store.

Cut the fleece into the length you want the chew toy, normally a longer one for a larger dog and shorter for a small dog.

Fold the fleece in half. Fold the fleece salvage to salvage so the strips are cut in the same direction as the fabric stretches.

Cut three strips that are three to four inches wide. Lay the strips out side by side lengthwise. Fold them in a tubular shape to hide the rough cut edges. Start in the center and braid the three strips together about 8 inches long for a handle.

Then fold each strip in half and match it up with it’s other end. Tightly braid the 3 folded strips all the way to the end. Tie the whole chew toy in a tight knot above the ends. Trim the end of the chew toy.

Dish Towel Chew Toy:

Three dish towels and a pair of scissors will create a fast chew toy. Cut an inch wide strip of towel off the short end of two of the dish towels. Gather the three towels together and use one of the inch wide strips you cut to tie the three towels on one end. Now braid the dish towels together and tie the remaining end with the other inch wide strip.

Ball Sock Chew Toy:

Use a long tube sock and put a tennis ball inside the sock toe. Create a knot in the sock above the ball and continue making knots up the sock. This is a fun one to play tug of war with.

Octopus Sock Chew Toy:

All you need for this chew toy is nine old socks, Using an old t-shirt for stuffing, stuff the longest sock up to the ankle. Put a tennis ball in the toe of the other eight socks. Tie each sock at the ankle.

Tie all the socks together. Put the stuffed sock at the top as the body of the octopus and the socks with the tennis balls need to hang off as legs. Use markers to draw an octopus face on the stuffed sock.

Easy Rope Chew Toy:

Here’s the easiest dog toy ever. Use an old rope and tie a few tight knots at each end. Voila, a great chew toy. Fetch!