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Winter Fashion Trends: Socks

The winter season brings out a lot of fashion trends such as layering, big colorful coats, and infinity scarves; but you would probably never think that one of the biggest winter fashion statements and trends is socks. Socks are very popular this year and will continue to be during the winter months. There’s nothing better

Chinese Style Clothes, a New Fashion Trend

As for Chinese fashion elements, they have been widely attached to the modern fashion clothing, such as Chinese painting, painting and printing, embroidery technique, blue and white porcelain, paper cutting style, etc. More and more world-class fashion designers start to apply Chinese traditional elements to the modern fashion designs. In 2011, clothes with Chinese style

Flavors of Dubai – Fashion

With Dubai now firmly entrenched in the mindscape of the swish set, its fashion scene has become more mature and cosmopolitan. Unlike the fashion industry in London and Paris, Dubai's fashion industry does not have a distinct identity of its own. In Paris, you will witness the finest couture collections while in London you get

Fashion Style – A Simple Guideline

It will be a exciting thing of recognizing the latest fashion style people typically wear nowdays, whether it is about the trend of jeans and also the skirt. The whole thing is interesting when it comes to the discussion about the most favorite style. Definitely, you can not only depend on the recent trend to

Graffiti Shoes As a Fashion Statements

Graffiti shoes are an interesting way to make a fashion statement. Graffiti shoes are almost always sneakers. There are ready made models from most sneaker manufacturers but if you want a look that is totally your own, paint your own with your own tag. For inspiration, look on the web at some of the commercial

Celebrity Fashion Jewelry

Celebrity fashion jewelry has continuously characterized the imagination of the moment. Classy in addition to fashionable, celeb vogue can be found in well-liked periodicals in addition to favorite media channels. This kind of subsequent superstar individuality probably contains the most unique ladies design and style jewelery: The following best describes the valuable vogue star, Clare

The Power of Fashion Photography

In 1856 Adolphe Braun published photographs of Countess di Castiglione, an Italian courtesan known to be a mistress of Emperor Napoleon III. The Countess commissioned photographs of herself in various signature posts, often fully garbed in court attire. The photographs are widly viewed as the first examples of fashion photography with Countess di Castiglione as

Become a Fashion Designer With These Basic Steps

Becoming a fashion designer is a creative journey in uncovering the student’s likes and dislikes. Styles and fads come and go and then come around again. This is true of the fashion design industry also, particularly so! The industry is often influenced by the entertainment industry (television, movies, music, etc.) For example, “That 70’s Show”

Fashion Photography, Some History

Magazines such as Allure, Vogue and Vanity Fair are known to display some of the best fashion photography that you will ever come across. Photography is a way of showcasing models wearing the trends in clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, hairstyles, necklaces, shoes and other items. The first known record of fashion photography was the portfolio of