Dragon Boat Racing Clubs in Singapore

Dragon boat racing is a festival celebrated annually in Bedok Reservoir. This competition is participated by different dragon boat racing clubs in the country. Dragon boat racing has become one of the attractions in the country. Undeniably this water sport game is becoming popular and a major competition in countries away from Asia. This sport

Why Outdoor Gas Heaters Are So Popular

Heating appliances that use gas as a fuel are for the most part used to keep the house or patio warm amid winter. Amid winter season, they are important since they offer complete protection from the chilly winter season. Do you know that these gas heating appliances are largely classified into two types? Vented Ventless

Mobile Internet Users In Pakistan Increase By 161 Percent

Due to competitive mobile internet packages, subscribers availing GSM-based internet services showed a tremendous growth of 161 percent by the end of June this year. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s statistics were printed in the Daily Times, which reported that the number of internet subscriptions on different cellular networks reached 14.4 million by the end of

Eco-Friendly Fabrics – Fashion School Experts Examine the Pros and Cons of the Top Green Fabrics

It wasn’t long ago that clothing made with eco-friendly fabrics brought up images of treehuggers in burlap. But with ever-growing demand for clothing made from sustainable fabrics, more top designers are embracing the environmental trend. So which fabrics are truly eco-friendly? So many manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon, we’ve asked a panel of fashion

Samsung Internet TV

Users of Samsung’s Internet TV platform can now benefit from video-on-demand thanks to DIVA TV, a provider of cross-platform digital content focusing on popular movies. The first countries to benefit from this collaboration include Germany, Switzerland and the UK. DIVA TV expects to extend this service further very soon, to reach other territories including the

Most Popular Women’s Fashion Accessories

Aristotle, one of the greatest philosophers in history once said that a woman is God’s most beautiful creation. As a woman, you need to be a living proof of this statement. That is why, it is important that we always look good and presentable no matter what we do and where we go. In doing

3 Online Business Ideas to Earn Internet Income

The online home business opportunities are simply endless and better in number for online occupations as opposed to those in the real world. People who used to have problems finding stable employment are happier working at home and worrying about nothing but their internet connection. A great way to earn extra money, if not obtain