Crystal Healing Therapy

Chakra Balancing and Crystal Healing Crystals in healing is performed with gemstones and crystals which are positioned on the body in various, specific areas. These areas are called chakras. You will find seven major chakras with many more minor ones that are used in the process of crystal healing. These secondary chakras are known as

Wolves and Ranchers – They Can Coexist

I am fortunately enough to live in one of the most remote and beautiful parts of the United States- the mountains and grasslands of SE. Arizona. Here the horizon stretches for miles with no visible "improvements" like electric lines and paved roads. My husband and I get to share this wild country with critters big

The Free Ride In Public Schools

To protect children's self-esteem or deflect complaints by parents, many public schools today automatically advance failing students to the next grade level. In other schools, some students are left back a maximum of one year, then promoted again regardless of their academic skills. The No Child Left Behind Act tries to solve this problem. The

Three Benefits of Private High Schools

Are you a parent who children are getting ready for a new school year? Are you troubled by the prospect of sending them to a public institution? If so, then it might be beneficial for you to consider sending them to one of the private high schools in your area. There are several benefits to

Visiting Argentina? Can not Miss These Far South Wonders

o Take in the chocolate box scenery of glacial lakes, mountains and forests of the southern Lake District around Bariloche; then follow 'the route of the seven lakes' through spectacular mountain passes to San Martín and on to Lanín National Park, dominated by the extinct, snow-capped Lanín Volcano (3,776m / 12,386ft). o Stroll through the