Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances

In older days when appliances were made from other metals there were huge problem which included cleaning the appliances. Rusting was among the biggest problems with the kitchen appliances. This all was solved with the introduction of the stainless steel alloy. It revolutionized the metal industry as it had the properties of reliability, durability and it was resistant to rusting. Most importantly it was cheap and easily available. The appliance industry started to manufacture most of their appliances with this alloy to make exteriors bodies. This improved the durability of the appliances and the depreciable life also increased.

This alloy is also known as Inox steel has 10.5 to 11% chromium content by mass. The alloy was developed during 1904 to 1911. The properties of the alloy include corrosion/rust free surface, the corrosion resistant layer quickly forms even if the surface gets scratched. Other properties include the shining surface of stainless steel and the smooth surface of the alloy which makes it easier to clean even if the stains are very strong. Also no paint is required as this alloy already has a corrosion free surface. All these properties make stainless steel the perfect alloy to be used for various purposes. The kind of steel has thousand of application and one of them is the stainless steel kitchen appliances.

kitchen appliances with this alloy are manufactured globally by almost all the companies in the appliance market. These kitchen appliances include ovens, refrigerators, cook tops, range hoods (which have stainless steel filters), microwave ovens and other small and large kitchen appliances. Each appliance has some part of its body made out of this alloy.