To See or Not to See-Bathroom Mirrors

Even in bathrooms, mirrors are an important piece of the dZcor. The choice of your bathroom mirror can create completely different looks in the same room. Mirrors can reflect light to make the room look larger or to reflect a particular decorative piece to create emphasis on it. The frame, size, and shape will have an affect on your most private room.


Since bathrooms are usually smaller, you will need to choose mirrors that are light framed or frameless for a more delicate style. Wrought iron can be delicately woven to provide a light touch. Other light frames could be made of thin bronze or polished nickel frame. Frameless mirrors will often have beveled or etched edges for light decoration. Just remember the goal is to create a lighter room to add a sense of depth and dimension to the small space. Avoid heavy frames that will only crowd the small bathroom space even more.


The size of your bathroom mirror will depend upon the size of the room and the size of the vanity or tub you will put it over. Never allow the mirror to extend over the edge of the vanity or tub because it will create an unbalanced look in the room. For a double-sink vanity, you can use one large rectangular mirror from edge-to-edge. This will perfectly reflect enough light to increase the impression of more open space. You may choose to have two separate mirrors for each sink, but you will probably need to add more lighting around each. For an inset tub, placing a wall-to-wall mirror above it will also add airiness to a space that would otherwise feel too enclosed.


The shape of your bathroom mirror will be affected by the style you are trying to achieve and the purpose the mirror will serve. Large rectangles over a double-sink vanity create a great deal of light for shaving or applying make-up. For a stand-alone make-up vanity, you may want a Victorian style oval mirror to frame the lady’s face perfectly as she applies her make-up or arranges her hair. A full-length dressing mirror may be appropriate on the back of the door or as a part of the shower door.

The style of your bathroom mirror will help you to achieve your own personal touch in your bathroom. Traditional styles will best be complemented by light framed oval mirrors. Contemporary styles will favor the frameless beveled mirrors. If you choose a framed style, you can blend it with the cabinets in the room. Bathroom mirrors are as varied as people, so only your imagination will limit you.