Making Up the Right Way

I have been asked so many times advice about how to make up with an ex, that I decided to simply write my views about it here. All of you should know, as a rule, that love is not a dead sea. More time than once, a couple will encounter difficulties and very hard times. Difficulties can come in any form, from behavior problems, to excessive jealousy, to miscommunication, misunderstanding or recurring fights.

While most of these issues can be fixed and spoken through, it is important to always keep a relationship as safe as possible for both partners and their kids. I am substantially against any physical violence and I would never advise anyone involved in an abusive relationship to make any attempt to fix it, unless the violent partner agreements to undergo a serious therapy. The kind of reconciliation I am talking about here concerns the basic day to day difficulties encountered by couples.

What I am talking about is common problems, like a boyfriend coming late from work most of the time, staying out for a beer with friends, and not calling. The kind of small little things men do without measuring their consequences. Men, as a matter of fact, tend to forget the simple details of a life in a couple like communicating anything to our partner that may cause them to worry. The best way to sort out any issues in your relationship is of course to talk.

It is up to you, ladies, to sit your man down and clearly explain to him what is it that he is doing wrong. Always remember this, men usually do not worry the same way women do, and for this reason should be reminded as often as possible. Talking to a man should not be a fight, or a lesson that one should learn or else … As difficult as it might be, women should try to talk about what they deem important without making it a drama. Again, what seems to most women like a major issue will not be perceived the same way by your man.

Therefore trying to put your opinion through as a matter of life and death will not bear the fruits you are expecting. You will only manage to get frustrated and start a useless fight. In the case when you get to that point, the best way to make up, or solve the issue is to talk about it, in a calm manner. Wait until you are both rested and more receptive, and do something together that always bounds you. Try and you will see how the conversation will open up on its own. Remember, it is not about who is right or wrong in a relationship, but about how do you both agree on something without anyone feeling hurt or disappointed.