Learn How to Setup a 5 Piece Drum Set

Each and every drummer has his own different preference regarding the setting of spacing as well as angles of the 5 piece drum set. The main reason behind this is the comfort level and the drum beat you may wish to produce. This set is made up of brass drum, floor tom, snare, two upper toms and a drum seat.

By knowing about the basic idea related to the arrangement of the set of drums you can experiment with the different spacing’s as well as angles on by you. Ideally you should ensure that the 5 piece drum set is played on a carpeted floor only, because if not done so then the drums could slide and eventually this can get the drum stand scratched. In the end this leads to the drummer feeling uncomfortable and this has a direct effect on the quality of the music being played.

The procedure of setting up a 5 piece drum set is not that difficult, you just need to follow some simple instructions.

• First of all place the throne at the center of drumming area and then place the brass drum towards its right side.

• Then attach brass drum pedal towards the bottom of brass drum, but make sure that you are easily able to reach it with the right foot. Brass drum legs must be adjusted in a way that it does not touch the ground.

• Then fix snare on its stand and then tighten the stand. Then you must adjust it towards the left side.

• Then attach two upper toms on the poles at the top of drum. The bigger upper tom goes on the right side and the smaller upper tom goes towards the left side. You can easily adjust the spacing as well as the angle of the toms by simply using the knobs present on the poles.

• Then attach floor tom to its legs, adjust the floor tom towards the right side of the drummer but it must be slightly towards the front too. Thus, a 5 piece set of drums is ready to be played.

• Then finally you check the adjustments of 5 piece drum set by playing the drums roughly as this will give you an idea regarding the right setup and also enable you to do some final adjustments accordingly.

So, just by following the above steps you can set up the 5 piece drum set with much ease, not only this but you can also adjust the spacing as well as angles according to your personal comfort.