Mango Muscles

Well, I started lifting weights about 6 months ago and nothing. Monday: Three hours in the gym, go home look in the mirror, guys you know how you look in the mirror before you jump in the shower pose for two hours with the hot water running, hot steam making you sweat so you look more ripped then what you really are, yeah fellas you know what I'm talking about. The rest of the week it's the same thing over and over. Then I started buying the shakes, weigh formula and taking everything at GNC I could afford just because all the guys in the gym were gaining muscle on top of muscle and I was not going anywhere fast in my body building career, just playing I ' m not a body builder. So after I've taken everything GNC had to offer me and my body has not changed a bit, I decided to change my program, you know less reps heavier weight, read a couple books on exercise motions when lifting, and low and behold nothing

So one day while working out in the gym, a guy who looked like a artist just sculpted him out of a piece of stone and placed him in a fitness magazine for GOODS came in strutting his stuff. So the first thing I did was watch very close at what his secret pot was, he sits his bag down opens it up and pulls out this, this, this bottle of water. Dang it I thought I was on my way to a new body, but he was not done yet, because the very next thing he pulled out was it; it was this beautiful glass bottle nothing that a gym rat would usually have in his bag! Well any hoo I walked over so I could get a better glimpse of what it was, it was a purplish color, and the bottle said XANGO! And I was the same night ordering this wonderful beverage!

When I first tasted it I was shocked at how good it was, it was like no other taste in the world "DELICIOUS"! and here I am 3 months later a lean mean muscle machine!